Build Your Dream Team!

Happy February!


Love is all around us in February! Love does make everything better, doesn’t it? In this issue, you will find great strategies to help you grow your Medi Spa and Spa. As you may have noticed, InSPAration Moments is now delivered in video news segments so you can watch it instead of reading it.


Also, check out the special of the month.


We are hosting the Leap Ahead Seminar this month. If you are looking for a Blueprint for Success, you should join us!


Happy February!



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Build Your Dream Team!


It takes a team to build a successful medi spa business, but how do you transform your medi spa team into a high-performance team? One word, TRAINING! One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs come across is coming up with training material for the medi spa or spa team.


That is why we created Recipes For Success. This program is designed specifically to train your team to become high performers.


Marketing Strategies To Succeed!


Your medi spa and spa marketing efforts should focus on two main principles. One is to attract new clients and the second is to keep existing clients engaged. Watch this video and see how to implement these two principles.


Medi Spa & Spa Survey Results


A survey we did to capture annual growth over the previous year.


– 14% increased by over 20%

– 43% increased between 15% and 20%
– 22% increased between 14% to 10%
– 21% increased between 10% to 5%


Thanks for participating and congratulations on your growth! Want to improve?
Become a CoachMe! member!

Survey Your Database

Do you want to change your medi spa menu but are not sure what to delete or introduce? It’s time for a survey! Watch the Bright Idea and discover how to do a survey or host a focus group. Need help in creating your new spa menu? Check out the Menu Dos & Don’ts.


Receive a Successful Business Model


If you are tired of reinventing the wheel and ready for a blueprint for success, you owe it to yourself and your team to attend and improve your medical spa business. Click below to see the special.


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