Prosperity Seminar Series

We are happy to introduce the new Prosperous Business Seminar series to help medical professionals and entrepreneurs who are either starting to plan and medical aesthetics practice or already open and looking for ways to improve performance and become more successful.
Each seminar has a purpose we invite you to view each and choose the one that is most appropriate for your current situation.


Seven Steps to Seven Figures & Beyond

Join us for an intensive two-day seminar where we unveil the secrets of transforming your medical spa into a million-dollar and beyond enterprise. From strategic positioning, targeted marketing, effective lead management, high-ticket sales techniques, exceptional client experiences, VIP program enrollment, and maximizing lifetime value, you’ll learn the precise steps to achieve seven-figure success. Equip yourself with advanced business strategies and elevate your med spa’s revenue to new heights.
ON-DEMAND | $1,499

Vision to Victory – Starting-Up Your Medical Aesthetics Journey

In this empowering two-day event, we guide you through every step of planning & launching a successful medical spa. From clarifying your vision your brand, and designing your space to mastering high-ticket sales and creating exceptional client experiences, this seminar offers a comprehensive roadmap to success. By honing your business acumen and cultivating a millionaire mindset, you’ll gain the confidence to transform your vision into a prosperous reality. Join a team of experts to help you make your vision a reality.

March 22-23 | $1,499

A To Z

To The

Advanced Marketing Mastery

This two-day seminar focuses on mastering your med spa marketing. Delve into the art of crafting a unique brand identity, understanding affluent consumers, mastering sophisticated sales techniques, and maximizing profits from high-end clients. By the end of this event, you’ll possess the knowledge and confidence to position, market, sell, and profit from your medical spa’s affluent clientele, ensuring unprecedented growth and financial success.

May 30-31 | $2,490

Mastering Multimillion-Dollar Success & Scaling-Up

In this exclusive two-day seminar, we level up into advanced business strategies, guiding you on the path to scaling your medical spa from one million to multiple millions annually. Explore strategic expansion, financial mastery, operational efficiency, exceptional client retention, revenue maximization, and the development of a millionaire mindset. By the end of this seminar, you’ll possess the expertise to significantly grow your med spa business, stepping confidently into the millionaires’ circle of millionaires.

June 13-14 | $1,499


Become a Published Author

Instead of playing price war games to compete, it’s time you compete on expertise. Have your name on a book! Becoming a published author will position you as an expert in your field and will help you attract high-paying clients to you. Join us and begin differentiating yourself from the competition, reduce your marketing cost and increase your revenue.

September 19-20

Authorship Mastery Seminar



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