Flying High To Success

A CoachMe Mastermind Program

Are You Looking For A Proven Effective
MedSpa/Spa Business Model To Help You
Reach Success The Fastest Way Possible?


Flying High To Success!

A CoachMe Mastermind Program

Did You Know?

20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 45% during the first five years, and 65% during the first 10 years. Only 25% of new businesses make it to 15 years or more. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)


What About You?

You may be just opening your business, or you may be already running one.
Either way, here you will learn how The Flying High to Success Program can help you!

Imagine Your Medical Spa Or Spa Business…

On Autopilot And Successful
Generating Revenue And Profitable
With Self-Managed High-Performing Team
Growing Exponentially

This medical aesthetics program is designed to increase
your success rate, but you have a decision to make.

What part of those statistics do you want to fall into?

Do you want to take the hard way or the proven effective way?

Dori Soukup sitting in a chair

The Purpose of
The Flying High to Success Program!

Currently, many medical professionals & medspa business owners feel overwhelmed, stressed, confused, not making as much money as they should be making. Things are out of control… it’s like the wild, wild, west. Enough already. It’s time for effective solutions to gain life balance and be happy again.

The Flying High program is designed to take chaos and implement order with a proven effective business medspa/spa model that you can learn and implement at your own speed.

This business program will guide you through implementing the 4 S’s, Systems, Structure, Strategies, Solutions to reach the fifth S, Success!

As a member you can access the entire medical spa and spa business model on Med Spa Biz University.

The Facts…

What we have found over the 20 years of being a leading business firm, is that success does not happen overnight. Success happens to those who apply and implement the 4 S’s model.

We became InSPAration Management members in January 2017. We were busy in our two medical spas but we were not profitable. We began implementing the business model provided to us as members and we finished the year with $5.5 million in annual revenue and 20% profit. We highly recommend this program to anyone who owns a medical spa or spa.
Lynda Lazzaro & Brianna Kane, The Spa At Aestique in Pennsylvania

There are two types of medspa business owners:


Ones who are looking to follow a proven effective business model, invest in their education, and shorten the success process and get there the fastest way possible!


Ones who spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel, they think they can do it all themselves, thinking, how hard can it be? They end up making a lot of costly mistakes, deal with slow progress and may never succeed.

"If you are the first type, we want to help you!"

You can succeed Too!

Access all manuals on Med Spa Biz University.

As a member, you gain access to a private member portal called the Med Spa Biz University.
You’ll also participate in live seminar events and virtual events.

White Med Spa Biz University Logo

On the member portal, you find all the medical aesthetics business tools you will need to implement your successful business model.

There, you will find MP3 files, webinars, manuals, forms, systems, videos, presentations, everything you could possible need to run your medical spa business successfully. Both you and your team can gain access to the Biz University site to learn and implement all the successful strategies.

Some people go into business without really knowing what it takes to succeed. Don’t let that be you! Want Proof?

See What Members Are Saying

Karen Medford

Sirius Day Spas
Southwest, FL

We’re super excited about implementing these strategies and we definitely recommend Dori and her team to anybody who’s looking to expand and grow their business. It’s definitely an amazing event…

Erika Wilson

Columbia Laser Skin
The Dalles, OR

After meeting Dori, I loved her energy and I immediately signed up for her CoachMe Mastermind program! I have incorporated so much in such a short period of time into our practice. I’m loving every minute of it!

Maciek Lyko

Spa Mariana
Birmingham, MI

If it wasn’t for Dori, I wouldn’t be where I am. We just opened our second location. Next week I’m opening a third location. All of this is only because of her. After my first Leap Ahead seminar, my revenue went up 40 percent!

On-Boarding & Take Off

Ready To Fly

Leap Ahead Leadership Business Seminar

When you get ready to fly somewhere, you arrive to the airport, to board when they tell you to, then take off. But there is a lot that goes into preparing the plane for flying. There are pre-flight rituals and processes that the entire team has to go through to ensure a safe flight.

This applies to business as well. You don’t just buy a couple of medspa lasers, hire an injector, aesthetician and think you are ready for a medspa/spa business. There are a lot of pre-success strategies that you need to plan and implement to make sure you are ready for a safe flight.

When you implement these systems during your first year of working with InSPAration Management, you will be setting a solid foundation to take off.

The Ready to Fly Plan can take six months or one year to implement. It’s all up to you. It all depends where you are now and the speed that you want to experience.

Expected Results

When you implement Ready to Fly medspa/spa essentials, you will have everything you need to fly.

Imagine everyone knowing their role, their responsibility, and what they need to do to ensure a safe and successful flight. Once you have all that in place, you are ready for success.

The right pilot and co-pilot, the flight leader, marketing team, financial team, guest relations welcoming your guests, your menu, your guest experience, everything you need to get everyone on board and Ready to Fly High.

Acceleration Into Multiple Seven Figures

Millionaires’ Circle


As a member you’ll gain access to the Millionaires’ Circle program where you can improve your positioning, your marketing, your message, your target market, and implementing key strategies to attract affluent consumers to you.

You will stop competing on price and compete on expertise instead. This program will teach you how to target, market, sell, and profit from marketing to the affluent consumers who are looking for medical aesthetics, weight loss, wellness and overall.

Expected Results

The benefits from the Take Off and Climb Up To Success is enormous!

You will have implemented many of the systems and structures within the business model. You have a high-performing team who is following your guidelines and exceeding their targets.

Thanks so much for inspiring us to grow with confidence! I know that your materials and techniques will serve us well and enable us to enhance our service delivery and success.
Dr. Lisa Vuich, Renew Medispa in Derry, NH

Looking for a supersonic speed to success?

Become A High Achiever Member

Are you ready to …?

  • Achieve a dramatic leap in income by implementing the most effective medical aesthetics business model
  • Create more freedom, less stress and improve your lifestyle
  • Be part of the multi 7-figure medical spa and spa club

Being a part of the High Achievers mastermind group of super successful people in the same industry, is a great business strategy to help you continue your growth and elevate your success!

The high achievers meet once per month on a Zoom meeting and are invited to attend two 2-day live events twice per year. High achievers also have access to all the Flying High business tools.

To be part of the High Achievers group, your business must be already generating a minimum of $1million in annual revenue.

If you are ready for exponential growth, this is the program for you!

Choose from three different memberships, the Essential, Ready To Fly, and High Achiever, see the chart below and choose the ideal membership for you. These programs are specific for medical aesthetics, medical practices such as regenerative medicine, nurse injectors, practice managers and any other person who is involved in the medspa or spa industry.

On-Boarding & Take Off

Success Essentials

CoachMe Membership Program: Success Essentials

On-Boarding & Take Off

Ready To Fly

An Ultrasonic Mastery Experience

High Achiever

YOUR BUSINESS MODEL Success Essentials Ready To Fly High Achiever
Access Access Access
Live Events
Leap Ahead - 2-Day Seminar 2 seats ✔ 3 seats ✔
Write Your Book In One Weekend - 2-Day Seminar 1 seats ✔
Mastermind Group - 2-Day Seminar 2 seats ✔
Millionaire Circle - 2-Day Seminar 2 seats ✔ 3 seats ✔
20% Off Live In-Person Events
Virtual Recorded Events
Millionaires’ Circle
Leap Ahead
Monthly Live Webinars
Brewing Brilliance - Ideal For Owners & Leaders - 10 Per Year
Recipes For Success - Ideal For Management & Team & Training
Team Training 3 Webinars ✔
Business Model & System Modules
Don’t Sell, "Recommend!"
Guest Relations With The 3 C's
Success With Guest Consultation - S.A.C.R.E.D. System
Planning & Hosting Six-Figure Events
Performance Based Compensation Model - VPG ComPlan
Forecasting & Budget For Success
Blueprint To Team Building With C.L.A.R.I.T.I.
Develop Your Membership Model With The C.O.P.I.E. System
Blueprint To Team Building - I.C.A.R.E. Coaching System
Medi / Spa Marketing For Success - 7 Modules
Medi / Spa Pricing & Profit Calculator
Developing A Unique & Enticing Treatment Menu
Online Consultation W.E.D.A.R.E.
Hosting Successful Webinars
Increase Medi/Spa Revenue - P.R.I.D.E. System Manual
Medi Spa Guest Consultation Department Manual
Medi Spa Orientation & Employee Manual
Medi / Spa Guest Relations Manual
Medi Spa Team Building With C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Manual
Medi / Spa Therapist Manual
Medi / Spa Marketing Plan
Injectors Manual
Business Assessment
CoachMe Recipes For Success Modules
Recipes For Success Volume I
Recipes For Success Volume II
Recipes For Success Volume III
Recipes For Success Volume IV
Recipes For Success Volume V (New 2023)
Member Price A La Carte Price Member Price A La Carte Price Member Price A La Carte Price
Price Per Monthly $1,099 $96,336.00 $1,750 $116,136 $4,500 $165,536
Savings Savings of $95,237.00 Savings of $114,386 Savings of $161,036

Success Essentials

$1,099 per month

A value of $96,336

Yes, I Am Ready!

Ready To Fly

$1,750 per month

A value of $116,136

Yes, I Am Ready!

High Achiever

$4,500 per month

A value of $165,536

Yes, I Am Ready!

Note: The minimum member commitment is for 12 months or as long as you wish to be a member. If and when your 12 months commitment is over and wish to terminate your membership, you must provide us with a certified letter informing us of your request. No refunds will be issued, only credit.

The Flying High Program's Ideal For Entrepreneurs

Please do not apply if you are…

We are blessed as a company to have many Flying High Mastermind Members who are professional, driven, and dedicated with desire to succeed in their own business and to help one another succeed.

If you are that kind of person, we look forward to reviewing your application and to welcoming you onboard Flying High To Success!

Success Within Your Reach

Karen Albright

Raleigh, NC

After implementing Dori’s Event Planning system, we generated over $160,000 during our grand opening in one night and the following day. We also raised $2,000 for charity. It felt like we really got started with such a bang and that was largely because of Dori’s systems.

Dr. Syed Bokhari

The Beauty Medics
Riverside, CA

We’ve been in the spa business for about six years … and really if you want to improve your practice if you want to know the nitty-gritty details and how to get better …

Monica & Cary Fourman

Circles of Wellness
St. Augustine, FL

…it’s exceeded our expectations we highly encourage you to you know to be part of it and I would say as an investment the return on the investment probably tenfold to the investment that’s a big big thumbs up I look forward to doing more conferences.

Dr. Lisa Vuich

Dr. Lisa Vuich

Renew MediSpa
Derry, NH

Thanks so much for inspiring us to grow with confidence! I know that your materials and techniques will serve us well and enable us to enhance our service delivery and success.

Dr. Daniel Leeman

Daniel J. Leeman, MD
Austin, TX

It’s unbelievable the information and knowledge that Dori has. Leap Ahead is like nothing else I’ve ever done. I’ve done multiple seminars and this by far, has been the best one. I can’t wait to get back to Austin to implement all of what we’ve learned here today.

Shelby Miller

Ruma Aesthetics
Sandy, Utah

…is the perfect outlet and it’s already paid for itself and I’m super excited to go home and implement everything that we’ve learned and I just I can’t say good enough things about it, it’s been so phenomenal.

Want more proof?

Watch this webinar and see how Mastermind Members benefit and succeed from the Flying High Program.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

The reason we like for potential members to apply is to ensure that this program is the ideal program for them. We are seeking members who are driven and committed to implementing the model we teach. We also look for members who can contribute to the group since this is a Mastermind group. The application will help us learn about your business, your goals and what you would like to accomplish. This will help us determine if we are the right fit for one another.
To succeed, it takes a commitment and an investment in your future. This program is structured in a way to provide you with an annual plan to help you reach multiple seven figures. It takes time and effort to reach that goal. We recommend committing to all three levels. Should you decide not to continue after each level, you are under no obligation to continue from level to level. However, a large majority of the Mastermind group remain members for years because they are always learning new strategies and constantly growing.
In the past, all seminars were in person. However, now we are doing many of the events virtually to accommodate everyone.
All business tools are found on the Med Spa University member-only platform. There, you will find all the audios, webinars and videos you can watch and/or download. The private member platform also is available to your team so they can implement all the strategies that they will learn.
The membership is designed for each facility. Your entire team can access all the tools. Also, you can track which team members have been participating on the platform and which courses they have completed. This will allow you to monitor your team’s material consumption.
Depending on which level you are, you have access via Zoom webinars and one-on-one calls. All you have to do is go to the private member form and submit a request for a meeting with a business advisor.
Being part of a Mastermind group is all about speaking with one another and learning from one another. Therefore, we host a monthly group Zoom meeting and also two Mastermind meetings that are two days each. This will allow you to rub elbows with like-minded people and reach a higher level of success.

We are so lucky to be working with top-level entrepreneurs who are eager to succeed and are willing to invest and pay the price for success. Many members are medical professionals and entrepreneurs who are business owners and are looking to reach success the fastest way possible.

Once we receive your application, we will set up a conference call to discuss your goals and your current situation. Together, we will make a final decision on joining the Flying High program.

Yes, you will have to sign an agreement because we are releasing all the information you will need during each level.
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