MedSpa & Medical Aesthetics Business Manuals

Reach A Higher Level Of Success

Your Medical Spa Department Blueprints!

Stop reinventing the wheel. Tap into Medical Spa & Medical Aesthetics Business Manuals to provide you solid business model and structure for your business and team. Each manual is provided in a Word document, so you can customize it and make it your own. We get you started, then make some minor customization and voila. Start implementing and experience success.

Is your guest relations team (reception team) order takers or revenue generators? What we found to be true is that in most of this, department training consists of software, product knowledge and some customer service skill. Most miss the most important part: how to increase revenue! The Medi Spa Manual offers strategies to turn your department into a successful revenue hub! You will discover department structure, scripts, call management techniques, check in enhancements and check out process to increase revenue. This is a must for your success library.
Designing an effective Spa, Med Spa, and Medical Aesthetics Business Marketing Plan is now easier than ever before. This marketing plan outlines every step needed to customize an effective marketing plan. Simply follow the outline and make some minor customization. It offers over 72 ways to market your medi spa economically. It also includes month-by-month marketing strategy samples. With simple modifications, you can use it year-after-year. This Marketing for Success Plan provides a marketing map to ensure your business growth and success.
When you hire someone, do they know what you stand for, how your business is structured and what their responsibilities are? The Medi Spa Orientation and Employee Manual will provide medi spa leaders with training tools to help clarify your business guidelines, vision, mission, positioning, goals, expectations and much more. … Both will position your company professionally, helping you avoid misunderstandings and improve employee relations. This is a must-have for proper initial training and setting proper foundation for success.
Is your medical spa still focusing on a la carte treatments, causing you lower retention and higher marketing cost? This manual is a must for all medi spas! The Guest Consultation Manual provides you with the S.A.C.R.E.D. system to help your team do a proper consultation and develop customized programs to increase guest satisfaction and profits. Say goodbye to a la carte mentality and welcome customized programs that will make thousands of dollars once you implement the S.A.C.R.E.D. system.

Make more money by teaching your team how to upgrade treatments and recommend more home care products so you can increase retail sales. Implementing the P.R.I.D.E. system will help you fulfill your professional obligation and deliver a great guest experience.

For best results, purchase the Don’t Sell, “Recommend!” audio also. Having and learning the P.R.I.D.E. system is a must for your success library and part of your onboarding process.

The Therapist Manual will provide your Aesthetic team and other team members with effective tools and operating guidelines to help clarify their roles, their responsibilities and how to increase guest retention by delivering a great experience. It will give total role clarity and improve performance by avoiding misunderstandings and mistakes. It also helps the team lead have the tools needed to train new team members and give your business structure and consistence. With some minor customization, this manual is a must for your success library.
What is your team’s retention rate and efficiency? Building a high-performance team begins with recruiting, conducting proper interviews and an effective hiring process. The team building with the C.L.A.R.I.T.I. hiring system manual will provide proven strategies to select the right team members, and avoid costly mistakes.
Depending on the size of the facility, if you are a larger med spa with several team members, you may need a support team. In this manual, your support team will be armed with strategies to help you and everyone on the team prepare rooms, treatments, keep your med spa clean, and maintain the refreshment bar and overall image and appearance of your medi spa. This will help you increase guest retention and deliver a “WOW” guest experience.
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