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If you are ready to elevate your success with your medical aesthetic practice and/or medical spa, watch some of the video testimonials and see what professionals like you feel about the InSPAration Management business model and biztools.

These Video Testimonials are for the Leap Ahead Seminar, the Millionaires’ Circle, the Write your Book In One Weekend Seminar and the Mastermind Group meetings!
We look forward to having you join us for the next event so you too can elevate your success!

Millionaires’ Circle Raving Fans

Millionaires’ Circle Video Testimonials

Dr Walters Success Story

🌟 Thriving in the Med Spa Industry! 🌟
Meet Dr. Walters, founder of Air MedSpa in Sarasota, Florida, and this is her journey of business transformation with InSPAration Management and Dori ...
🔹 Overwhelmed with business responsibilities
🔹 Dreaming of success but unsure how to get there
🔹 Slow growth and high expenses eating profits
But then, Dr. Walters met Dori, and everything changed! 🚀
💪 Joined InSPAration Management as a High Achiever
🎯 Implemented expert strategies
💰 82.2% increase in gross revenue in just one year
💰 2000% increase in net profit in just one year
💼 Thriving, proud, and the expert to go to in Sarasota
Stay tuned for more success stories! 🌟 #SpaSuccess #BusinessTransformation #InSPArationManagement"
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Leap Ahead Raving Fans

Leap Ahead Video Testimonials

Miriam and Dr. Rudolph Moise Build a Strong Foundation with InSPAration Management!

https://www.insparationmanagement.com 386-226-2550

Meet Miriam and Dr. Rudolph Moise of Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics - attend the next InSPAration Management Leap Ahead Meeting. Learn valuable content while networking with other like ...
minded, highly successful professionals!

"Hi everybody, I'm Miriam Moise from Comprehensive Medical Aesthetics and
this is my husband and business partner Dr. Rudolph Moise. We joined InSPAration
Management three years ago, but the reason why we did it is because I wanted structure. I wanted a foundation. I wanted systems without me having to try to come up with it by myself. I know I needed the organization, so being able to go to a place where you
have a One-Stop shop from A to Z, you don't have to rethink it. I just need to
utilize the systems because sometimes as a provider you're so busy trying to give the treatments you you forget about the HR and the fundamentals of your business.
So, this is, for me, what is most important with InSPAration and the one-to-one hands-on and being available and being able to come to the Mastermind meetings where you get to sit with other people in the industry who have no problem sharing their expertise.

(Dr. Rudolph Moise) Not only when you come to these conferences that you learn but also with MedBiz University, you can always go back and review whichever modules that you need to really reinforce what you learn at these conferences. So, it's great and Dori, you know, is first class, professional and her team is fantastic! So, you know what
hey we are very happy! We now we have to go back now and Implement some of the recommendations because you can come here and listen, but if you don't do it, you're not going to make it. So, now we are committing now to really follow Dori's business modules so we can actually uh you know be successful. We have all the things that we need but
just the implementation we got to do that.

So, thank you very much! We are inspired by InSPAration Management and the real question is why aren't you?"

Learn more at https://www.insparationmanagement.com/coachme-mastermind/ or call 386-226-2550.

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Mastermind Raving Fans

Mastermind Video Testimonials

Dr. Joseph Taylor-Renewed Wellness- "It has been eye-opening to see all of the system and structure"

"I'm Dr. Joseph Taylor. I'm a chiropractor in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I am brand new to the medical spa industry. I was introduced to InSPAration Management by my ...business partner, who was introduced by a friend of his who was actually a client of this company. And since we got started day one it has really just been eye-opening and refreshing to see all of the systems and structures that are in place for training being new to this space. This is something that was definitely necessary because we're starting from ground zero and it takes all of the guess work out of us knowing what to do, how to do it. Dori and the team definitely lays everything out to where it's so simple, but being here today for the live training was definitely amazing for me because I watched the videos and I see it. But just being here in person, being able to ask the questions that are burning inside of me that I need to know and just getting all the feedback and networking with the other spa owners is definitely just been great. So for anybody who is considering getting in the spa industry or already there, but maybe not reaching your goals, I would highly recommend that you check out Insparation Management."

Not a Member? Discover MedSpa Biz University at insparationmanagement.com/strategic-planning-session/

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More Raving Fans

Again, this was an absolute delight going through this training for a second time. I feel like I’ve learned even more this go around. Just Adore you!

Carol Parker
Sea Grass Therapies

Thanks so much for inspiring us to grow with confidence! I know that your materials and techniques will save us well and enable us to enhance our service delivery and success.

Dr. Lisa Vuich
Renew Medispa

I am so impressed with the helpfulness of all involved in this workshop. I am so thankful to have access to all the topics and will be taking full advantage to grow our practice.

Tammy Mahramas
Oakview Medical Associates

I love Dori and her staff! They are amazing at what they do. I look forward to learning and growing with InSPAration management team.

Christen McMann
Peak Health Group Inc.

Loved the tools to follow to improve the business, such a great training guideline.

Phillip L. Reed, MD
Rejuvine MedSpa & Wellness Center

Your coaching is brilliant and I plan on using all these tools and knowledge that you have provided me with to implement them in the spa that I manage. I am 100% certain that with your help and experience, we can make this spa grow to its fullest potential.

Alex Espinal
Sea Grass Therapies

Thank you Dori & team! I feel blessed to have found such a supportive and knowledgeable mastermind group that is willing to share and roots for our success!

Melissa Whetzel
Vibrance Health & Wellness

Everything was amazing once again. Thanks to Dori and the team.

Tracie Ullman
SoulScapes Reiki Laser Skin Center

Thank you for having this program available to us. You had the courage to step outside the box and fulfill your dreams. You inspire me to be a better leader and entrepreneur! Love your energy! Looking forward to future growths!

Dr. Bago
Premier Family Health & Wellness

Sarah was phenomenal in helping me understand. She provided me an outstanding experience. Jerica was great as well. Sharon was very helpful.

Priscilla Mackin
Dr Leeman MD

You have given me the confidence & tools to help me build & expand my business and I look forward to working with you & your team to build success!

Angela Fournet
Zen Spa

Thank you for giving us the tools to succeed in our business. Your knowledge is invaluable and I’m so thankful you are sharing it with us! Thank you for raising the bar for the medspa industry and for keeping us accountable to do the same.

Brittany Bulzan & Angelica Keeney

So grateful for the stress relief that your structures & strategies are going to provide. Thank you for all the time, effort and energy you guys have all put into this program.

Dee Siverhus
Contour You Med Spa

Thank you Dori for the insparation! We are so excited to get back home ad start implementing all of the great systems and programs you have taught us. You’re an amazing educator & motivator! Thanks again.

Christina Myer
Fab Med Spa

Thank you for all your continuous support. You are a true inspiration. Looking forward to continuing our relationship.

Kathy Quinlan
Four Elements Salon & Spa

Thank you so much for your hospitality and all the great info you share! I am so grateful that we met you and learned from your expertise before we’re even open – you are a Godsend.

Jen Yeager & Julie Mena
Medical Grade Aesthetics

As always, a pleasure to spend time with you. Learning, laughing, growing… So glad I took the “Leap” and joined your group. Your words echo in my brain – and my dreams! I hope to make you proud one day. Actually, that is my goal! Maybe I can take the stage one day.

Farah Sajid
Semblance MediSpa

Thank you so much Dori! These past 3 days have been very enlightening and motivating. We can’t wait to put your teachings into action! Truly appreciate it all!

Amanda DiGiovanni and Jenyce Chiarello
Neem Medical Spa

This was such a great experience. We are excited to get home and start implementing everything we have taken in here! It was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for all the material! Looking forward to meeting you again soon.

Lynette Morgan
Semblance MediSpa

Great seminar truly amazing.

Chrissie Middleton
Perfecly “M” Perfect

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