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CoachMe Titanium & Platinum

Are You An Entrepreneur Who Is Ready For Exponential Growth?

If so, there are two things you must do:

  1. Join a mastermind group
  2. Focus on training yourself and your team

It’s a fact. Executive business coaching, seminars, and mastermind groups will help you reach your desired goals faster without costly mistakes.

We invite you to explore the CoachMe Mastermind Programs and choose the ideal one for you! If you are not sure which one is best for you, Reserve a Success Planning Session and we can help guide you!

Note: The CoachMe Mastermind Programs are by invitation only. Interested in joining? Please complete the application below for consideration.

CoachMe Program

We are confident that you will benefit greatly and help your business grow by becoming a CoachMe Mastermind Member. This program is designed to provide you with the latest, most innovative medi spa and spa business tools, structure, systems, strategies and solutions to arm you with all you need to elevate your success. All systems and business tools are tested and proven effective. Hundreds of members have grown their business exponentially by applying the medi spa and spa business model we share.

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How Can the CoachMe Mastermind Programs Help Me?

The CoachMe Mastermind Programs are designed to help spa and medi spa industry professionals like you elevate their success! We offer two membership levels (Titanium and Platinum), each geared for professionals with different needs and budgets. We invite you to explore the CoachMe options below to view all levels. They can all help you by accessing proven-effective business models. These models are shared during seminars, webinars, podcasts, and conference calls. All you need to do is take the information, implement and VOILA. Success is within reach!

Which live events can I attend as a Titanium and or Platinum Member?

Members who are Titanium and Platinum can attend:

  1. Two Mastermind retreats per year
  2. The Leap Ahead seminar
  3. The Write Your Book In One Weekend seminars
  4. The Millionaires’ Circle seminar
(the checklist below indicates event access and number of seats based on levels).

These events are a must for entrepreneurs who desire the fast track to growth!

What is the difference between CoachMe Titanium and Platinum?

The differences between Titanium and Platinum:

  1. The number of private coaching calls and/or webinars (3 Platinum) (12 Titanium)
  2. The private strategic planning day (Titanium only)
  3. The number of attendees for each event
See chart below

Where and how do I access modules, manuals and all the tools?

As a member, you will have access to a private member page where you’ll find all the business tools. Videos, audios, transcripts, manuals, and everything you need are in one place. You log-in on to and go to the private page. You are free to download and customize manuals, listen or watch videos, schedule your coaching calls and much more.

What is the return on my investment?

The return on your investment can be enormous but that is up to you. We can provide you the information and help you, but it’s up to you to implement the model. We can’t do it for you. It’s a team effort.

Here is what some CoachMe Members accomplished:

  • John Wheeler generated $166K in four hours by applying one strategy
  • Mark and Rhonda Swant generated $130K from one event
  • Coco Pai increased her business by 61%
  • Beth Pestotnik went from solo to a 7-figures business

Complete the application below for consideration.

Business Success Titanium Platinum A La Carte
Live Events
Leap Ahead (3 Day Seminar) ✔ 4 Seats ✔ 2 Seats $2,950 (Per Seat)
Millionaires’ Circle (2 Day Seminar) ✔ 3 Seats ✔ 2 Seat $3,950 (Per Seat)
Write Your Book (2 Day Seminar) ✔ 2 Seat ✔ 1 Seat $9,500 (Per Seat)
Mastermind Group (2/2 Day Meetings) Biannually ✔ 3 Seats ✔ 1 Seat $9,000
Mastermind Group Monthly Zoom Meeting $9,000
Private Coaching
Strategic Planning Day $6,500
Private One-On-One Coaching 12 Calls 3 Calls $600 (Per Call)
Manuals & Audios
Don’t Sell, Recommend! – P.R.I.D.E. $799
Guest Consultation – S.A.C.R.E.D. $899
Orientation & Employee $799
Guest Relations $699
Blueprint To Team Building – I.C.A.R.E. + C.L.A.R.I.T.I. $799
Therapist $450
Marketing Plan $499
Protect Your Business (Legal Documents) $1,200
CoachMe Series
Recipes For Success Vol I (10 Modules) & Volume II In Progress (10 Modules) $2,980
Soaring Ahead (12 Modules) $1,780
Genius Marketing/Sales (24 Modules) $3,576
Financial Planning
Budget & Compensation Model (Videos & Excel Spreadsheets) $1,600
Additional Business Programs
High Achiever Implementation Program $3,000/month
Financial Management Reporting $1,000/month
Monthly Newsletter $799/month
Monthly Membership
(12-Month Commitment)
Per Month
Per Month
Pick A Membership Join Titanium Join Platinum

Beth Pestotnik, Skin Essentials

What can I say? Dori, you are the shit!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious and your knowledge a gift to us. I am ecstatic to continue implementing the programs you have set up for us to be extremely successful!!!

- Jennifer King
Bliss Massage Spa

Tracie Ullman, Soulscapes

I am new to this and this mastermind opened my eyes for all the areas of growth potential in my practice. Dori’s approach is very systematic, with step by step instructions for anything!

- Dr. M. Steyn
Brockville Medi Spa

Rhonda Hatfield, Blue Halo Med Spa

I have been in Dori’s program for a couple of years and Reflections Med Spa has grown by 37% by implementing InSPAration Management tools and systems. Dori truly cares about her client’s success and goes the extra mile. Thank you for being a great mentor and friend.

- Janice Mueller
Reflections Med Spa

Jennifer Neustat, Reflections Med Spa

Dori, I am so grateful we have met & become a platinum member. Its been a scary and fantastic year ½ what a blessing you have been in my life & spa! I cant thank you enough Im so happy to have come to this mastermind meeting!

- Noel & Kathy Morris
Le Visage

Luanne Rice, The Esthetics Center

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