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“Discover A PROVEN Blueprint to Making Your Spa and Medi Spa More Successful, So You Can Live The Lifestyle You Deserve…”

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted from running your day-to-day operations in your Spa or Medi Spa?

…or perhaps you have treatment rooms sitting empty

… or barely breaking even due to the fact that your compensation is out of whack that is causing you to have no profits

You might even be beating yourself up a little bit thinking that something is WRONG with you…with the following thoughts running through your head:

  • “Why can I barely make ends meet?”
  • “Why am I constantly operating in the red?”
  • “How can I get my team to perform better?”

If you are you ready to take your Spa or Medi Spa business
to the next level

Join us for LEAP Ahead – A 3 Day Spa & Medi Spa Business Seminar

About LEAP Ahead Spa & Medi Spa Business Seminar

Imagine Having A Business That Is Profitable And Makes You Excited To Wake Up In The Morning!

The InSPAration Management LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar is a 3-day event where we will share a PROVEN blueprint that you can use again and again to effectively operate your Spa or Medi Spa.

Imagine earning the money you deserve. And think about what it would be like to buy anything you want … when you want … without wondering, “Can I Afford It?” The LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar will take you there. When you claim your ticket and carve those 3 days out of your schedule, we’ll give you everything you need to “drag and drop” into your existing Spa or Medi Spa so you can enjoy more profits, more revenue, and less stress and fretting.

You’ll no longer have to beat your head against the wall trying to figure it all out for yourself. Your days of using the “trial and error” approach to building your business are over. When you attend the LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar, you’ll get many “aha” moments that could allow you to get your investment back over and over again and MORE!

Your Blueprint For Success

Key Area #1

The Secrets To Economical Spa & Medi Spa Marketing:

A STEP-By-STEP Marketing plan you can implement into your Spa or Medi Spa business right away … this plan has been PROVEN by a multitude of spa owners and can really be “money” for your business!

How to create a herd of raving fans who talk about you, come to your spa and become repeat clients (This is like getting the keys to Fort Knox!)

The secret to holding profitable events so you can introduce your spa to new guests and generate thousands of dollars for you (This could be a HUGE moneymaker … but only if you know how to do it right)

The proven website blueprint that will generate leads and sell products (Most spa and medi spa owners really mess up the “website” portion of their business … but we’re not going to let this happen to you!)

How to piggyback on the hard work of other businesses to attract more clients to your spa and maximize its exposure—most spas NEVER do this!

How to implement in-spa marketing strategies to get your clients to buy more from you – it’s 10 times easier to get an existing client to buy more from you … so if you’re not using these strategies, you’re missing out!

The secret to consistently building your database and creating promotions that will generate sales and revenue for your spa. This is like constantly tapping into a well of money!

How to create marketing campaigns that will be irresistible to your target audience (Your competition will NEVER know this!)

How memberships can add more stability and certainty to your spa by providing you with recurring revenue – this is a LOT better than constantly having a ton of “one-off” sales

Dr. LeAnn Haddock

Love Glow Medical Studio
Dallas, TX
“I’m so excited to implement all of the new things I learned at Leap Ahead! It’s comforting to know that Dori will be there to help me if I
ever have any questions.”

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Erika Wilson

Columbia Laser Skin
The Dalles, OR
“After meeting Dori, I loved her energy and I immediately signed up for her CoachMe Mastermind program! I have incorporated so much in such a short period of time into our practice. I’m loving every minute of it!”

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Key Area #2

How To Manage Spa & Medi Spa Finances

The optimum financial ratios in your spa or medi spa business … what they should be and how you can change it (This is how you “gauge” the health of your spa). You’ll even get proprietary tools for calculating these numbers so you don’t have to do the work.

You will receive a proprietary system for creating a performance-based compensation plan — the VPG ComPlan is exclusive to InSPAration Management — the Volume per Guest compensation model is based on performance. That means you pay when your team performs!

How to utilize a budget to manage your business. This allows you to know how much is coming in and going out of your spa — knowing these numbers guarantees a healthy business and prevents you from making financial mistakes.

How to monitor your finances so you can “tweak” things here and there in order to get the results you want (Most business owners, physicians, directors, & leaders don’t know how to do this — and it’s like driving from New York to Los Angeles without a roadmap!)

Know which performance reports to monitor so you know what the heartbeat of your business is and what could use a little resuscitation (This alone will put you head and shoulders above your competition)

…And a whole LOT more!

Key Area #3

How To Boost Your Spa & Medi Spa Revenue & Profits:

Merchandising techniques that will show you the correct way to set up your boutique (We’ll even give you pictures to model when you get back home!)

How to turn your receptionists into maximum profit producers so you can turn your reception center into a TRUE revenue generation center (They’re not there just to take phone calls!). You’ll also receive the Guest Relations Podcast.

Access to tools and forms that will make the recommendation process easier — getting your team to recommend your products and services can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!)

How to boost your client value for both retail and services — this is the hidden profit that’s ready to be awakened in your business!

The keys to generating geometric growth in your Spa or Medi Spa business … including how to set team targets and revenue generation. This assures your growth is constantly moving up instead of stagnating.

…And a whole LOT more!

Dr. Daniel Leeman

Daniel J. Leeman MD
Austin, TX
“It’s unbelievable the information and knowledge that Dori has. Leap Ahead is like nothing else I’ve ever done. I’ve done multiple seminars and this by far, has been the best one. I can’t wait to get back to Austin to implement all of what we’ve learned here today.”

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Maciek Lyko

Spa Mariana
Birmingham, MI
“Is it wasn’t for Dori, I wouldn’t be where I am. We just opened our second location. Next week I’m opening a third location. All of this is only because of her. After my first Leap Ahead seminar, my revenue went up 40 percent!”

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Key Area #4

How To Build Your Dream Team:

The proprietary C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Team Building System for hiring and retaining a productive team. You don’t want to hire just anybody off the street … this system will give you the ultimate blueprint for hiring and team building.

Techniques for providing a training curriculum to develop your team. This will allow your team to work better together and decrease turnover.

How to set performance expectations … we’ll even give you performance review forms you can implement in your business so you don’t have to create one yourself!

The secret for establishing a career path for your team — this will allow you to build a stronger business since each member of your team will be motivated and driven.

How to give rewards and recognition to your team members … including examples you can use to implement for your own spa or medi spa business.

The untold steps for keeping your team motivated, energized and engaged. This will ensure they perform at their best every single day while they’re working for you.

…And a whole LOT more!

Key Area #5

How To Become A Leader Others Want To Follow:

The secret to understanding the behavioral styles in order to improve communication with other people. You’ll be able to best flex your style in order to communicate and influence others.

The impenetrable characteristics and skills you need to become an effective spa leader (Miss out on these and you’ll run a subpar business).

How to establish a clear vision, values, mission and spa goals. This will set the standard for your spa — a standard your team members will emulate.

The secret to being transparent in your business … how to share the organization with your team (This will engender trust with your team members).

How to effectively delegate tasks and manage your time — this is VERY important so you can get more done in less time without any hassle.

Leadership dos and don’ts that could make or break you or your business. This is extremely important … otherwise your business will sink like quicksand.

A personal assessment as to what kind of leader you are so you can improve your skills (This could be a HUGE eye opener for you).

…And a whole LOT more!

John Wheeler

The Esthetics Center
El Dorado Hills, CA
“After implementing Dori’s Event Planning system, we generated over $160,000 during our grand opening in one night and the following day. We also raised $2,000 for charity. It felt like we really got started with such a bang and that was largely because of Dori’s systems.”

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Dr. Craig Hobar

Craig Hobar MD
Dallas, TX
“Joining InSPAration Management is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s really brought together all of the peripheral aspects that would take years to duplicate. Implementing Dori’s programs has been far more rewarding than I could ever imagine and my team feels the same way.”

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Key Area #6

How To Deliver a “WOW” Guest Experience:

How to create a memorable guest experience so they’ll come back and tell their friends about you. This is what’s going to give your spa an edge over your competition!

The secret to designing unique rituals and treatment protocols your guests have never seen before … this will put you in a Category One in your guests’ minds!

How to create a unique story and image for your spa or medi spa so that it’s a no-brainer for prospects to do business with you … this will set you apart from your competition.

The steps to creating a secret shopper program so you can see what really goes on behind the scenes at your spa. This is something most spas do not implement and it can reveal holes in your business.

How to gather feedback from your guests so you can constantly improve your spa and address deficiencies that may exist without your knowledge.

…And a whole LOT more!

July 20th-22nd

October 5th-7th

Leap Ahead Graduates

Leap Ahead Agenda

Check out the schedule and daily overview below to learn more about the excellent training program in store for you!

  • Leadership & Financial Strategies

    Continental Breakfast

  • Leadership & Financial Strategies

    Leadership Shift
    Your Vision, Values and Mission – Clarified and Shared
    Setting and Communicating Performance Expectations
    Identifying Your Break Even Point (Formula)
    Creating Your Spa Budget – Receiving your Budget Files
    Managing Your Budget
    Budget Breakdown
    Short Break & Networking Opportunity
    Performance Base Compensation
    Developing Your Volume Per Guest Compensation Plan
    Your VPG Goals for both Service and Retail
    Receiving your VPG CD Files
    Introducing Your VPG ComPlan to Your Team – The Fresh Start Program
  • Lunch & Networking Opportunity

  • Elevating Sales & Tapping Into New Revenue Streams

    Driving Sales – Overall Sales Goals
    Steps to Maximizing Upgrade Opportunities and Retail Sales – P.R.I.D.E.
    Tapping into New Revenue Streams – Developing Programs
    Identifying Non Profit Producing Centers
    Calculating Revenue per Square Foot
    Short Break & Networking Opportunity
    Calculating Revenue Ratios By Departments
    Monitoring Your Volume per Guest for Both Service & Retail
    How to Maximize Revenue Per Square Foot
    Merchandising Strategies
    Spa Boutique Management
    Retail Mix Strategies and Analysis
    Inventory Management – When to Discount
    Effective Communication Through Understanding Behavioral Styles
    Sales Summary
  • Building a High-Performance Team

    Continental Breakfast

  • A Focus on Marketing

    Building a Positive Culture
    The C.L.A.R.I.T.I. Hiring System
      – Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring & Retaining a Professional Team
      – Position Descriptions
      – Interview Questionnaire
      – Commitment Agreement
    Training & Coaching Strategies for Maximized Skills & Efficiencies
    Keeping the Team Engaged and Motivated
    Performance Measurement System
    Short Break & Networking Opportunity
    Converting Your Reception Center from Order Takers to Revenue Generators
    Positioning Reservations & Reception for Increased Sales
    Call Management
    Guest Check-in and Check-Out Process for Maximized Revenue
    Position Description
    Team Evaluation System
  • Lunch & Networking Opportunity

  • Implementation Strategies & Graduation Celebration!

    Delivering a Sensory Guest Experience
    Elevating Retention Rate
    Leap Ahead Implementation Strategies
    Overall Success Tips – Dos & Don’ts
    Certification Celebration

spa medi spa business seminar graduates

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  • VPG Compensation Innovation
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  • Effective Team Building
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  • LEAP Ahead Workbook
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  • Annual Marketing Plan
    $350 Value!
  • Guest Relations
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  • LEAP Ahead
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Leap Ahead Graduates

Dori Soukup

Author, Speaker, & Founder of InSPAration Management, a firm specializing in spa & medi spa business development, advanced education, and BizTools.

Over the past 19 years, Dori has contributed to the success of spa companies worldwide. Dori’s passion is developing innovative, effective educational programs and business strategies leading to exponential growth and profits!

Dori’s Business Success Library and Leadership seminars are delivered in a clear and concise manner, providing spa and medi spa leaders with implementation blueprints to ensuring success.

She is the recipient of the American Spa Preferred Educator award and is a sought-after global speaker within the spa and wellness industry. Dori is a published author, her articles and insights are featured in national and international trade publications, and you can find her book Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits on Amazon.

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