How often should I send out my Spa or Medi Spa email?

This Video Explains How Often You Should Send Out Spa or Medi Spa emails.

“How often should I send out emails?”

I get this question actually all the time. The problem is that many people send out many meaningless emails that cause people to opt out or unsubscribe. I have some rules on sending out emails. There’s nothing wrong with sending out a few emails a month if they add value to the relationship.

If you’re sending out your newsletter, another email is maybe a promotion for the month, and then maybe another email that’s an invitation to a medi spa event or a webinar or a spa tip of the month, or some kind of a video talking about a skin care product of the month. There’s nothing wrong with sending out all these emails.

You can send out one a week with no problems as long as they have value. But if all you’re doing is sending out promotions, just trying to convince people to buy your products and your services, then you might have some people start unsubscribing from your list.

Unsubscription is really a bad thing to happen. If you’re noticing that a lot of people are opting out, there’s something wrong with your email communication methods. We want to do everything we can to get people to opt-in. We definitely don’t want them to opt-out, so be careful. Check your Constant Contact or your MailChimp for the rates of people who are subscribing and the rates of people who are unsubscribing.

If you see that to be a problem, then you definitely need to change your communication method. Not so much sending out less emails; change your communication message. Make them more valuable. The more engaged people are, the more they will buy from you.

Go ahead. Assess your opt-in and opt-out rate and see how good your medi spa and/or spa email marketing is doing.

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