What Should My Spa Cell Phone Policy Be?

This Video Explains Why You Need A Cell Phone Policy For Your Medi Spa Or Spa.

Do I need a Cell Phone Policy for my Medi spa or Spa?

This is a great question. I’m so glad you’re asking it Mike, I have to tell you about my story and cell phones.

Well, I was a secret shopper in a place, I’m not going to name it because that would not be nice, but I was in for a massage as a secret shopper. The therapist takes me into the spa treatment room and starts the massage and it started with two hands. Then all the sudden, it became a one-handed massage! Have you ever had one handed massage?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not as good as a two-handed massage. I was wondering, as I was face down thinking to myself, “what happened to her other hand?” I lift up my head and I turn around and guess what? She was texting! Yes, this is a true story. I cannot make this stuff up you guys. Seriously… Needless to say that was not a good thing and obviously, this spa did not have or inforce a cell phone policy.

I was in another place getting a facial. Same thing – in the background I can hear the cell phone blowing up with beeps, tweets, message text beeps… It’s crazy! I’m amazed at how many spas don’t have a cell phone policy. Cell phones ruin your guest experience and reduce your retention rates.

What should it be? It should be that when the spa or medi spa team set foot in your business, the cell phone should be in a locker or in a drawer somewhere. The phone should not be on them while they’re doing treatments with your guests. That’s just a no, no. There’s no place for it.

What drives me crazy too is you see them in their front pockets, you see them in the back pocket. It’s just terrible! It just doesn’t look good. It’s not professional. It’s not the image that you want your place to have. My advice to you is the cell phone needs to be in a drawer somewhere. Believe me, if somebody needs to get a hold of them and it’s urgent, they can always call your spa and the receptionist will get them if it’s anything that urgent.

Now, if they want to check their messages during breaks, between treatments and they’re in a team lounge, that’s one thing. But as soon as they go out and greet their guests, there should be no cell phone in sight. It’s just very unprofessional. The spa and medi spa guests are paying high dollars to get treatments from you the last thing you want is for the phone to be beeping and interrupting that process. That’s not a good idea.

My advice is to make sure you put your phone policy in your Employee Manual and enforce it. The team needs to be clear on it and they should sign off on it before they even accept the position. That’s my advice for you. Get it in place, get everybody to sign off and have a great experience for your guests: free of cell phones!

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