7 Strategies to Attract & Retain Male Clientele for Your Medical Spa

The medical spa industry is evolving, more men are asking for medical aesthetics treatments and products. The male market can be much larger if medical spas focus more on male marketing. Most facilities cater mainly to women, and not so much to men causing many businesses to miss out on great opportunities.

Let’s say you have a clothing store and it’s filled with women’s clothing. And you have one rack for men. How many men do you think will make the effort to come in to shop there? Not many… that’s what is happening in medi spa industry. When you look at a menu of services, you rarely see a picture of a man… and then you might see one facial for men. Why would they come?

In this article, you will discover strategies to help you attract male clientele, expand your target market, and ge­ne­ra­te more revenue.

7 Essential Strategies to Attract & Retain Male Clients

Male Menu

Male Menu Medspa Treatments

Create a separate male menu and give it it’s own identity. It should have male images, and a manly design. Simple treatment descriptions focusing on men’s concerns and the be­ne­fits they will gain from the experience.  Use language that is appealing to men and ex­plain how these treatments are designed specifically for men.


Assess your online presence, your website and make sure your male clientele have their own web page, edu­ca­ting your male prospects and invite them to visit. Instead of having a button that just says “menu”, divide the menu in two parts.  Have a button for Men, for Women, and for Teens. This allows you to improve your communication with each target market and cus­to­mi­ze your offerings to suit everyone’s needs.


Get sophisticated with your database and segment it by female, male, age, and so on. Once it is segmented, instead of sending just one email blast to everyone; create at least two email messages: one for men and another for woman. By doing this, you will increase your conversion rate and generate more revenue.

Product Mix

Fortunately, there are many medi spa pro­fes­sional skin care brands who offer male specific products. If you want to attract more men to your business, you’ve got to have skincare for men. Go beyond offering only skin care products. You want to include other product mix items that will appeal to men. Also, be aware of how you merchandise male products. Designate a separate area in your boutique specific for men.

Male Guest Experience

If you want to attract men to your medical spa, your facility must be decorated to appeal to both men and woman.

The male guest experience must be delivered with men in mind.  From reading material, treatment protocols, and rituals.

To improve your male guest ex­pe­rien­ce, send in a couple of male secret shoppers. Get their feedback on what their experience was like and what needs improvement.  This will give you male insight into what needs to change to attract and retain male clients.

Success With Guest Consultation

Host an Event

Planning & Hosting Six-Figure Events

Send an invitation to all your female clients informing them about an up­com­ing event you are hosting to introduce the medspa to their male part­ners. Theme the event with men in mind. Show demonstrations of all the male treat­ments you offer.  Make it easy for them to purchase and return with their loved ones for great experiences.

Team Training

Recently, I was speaking with one of my mentors and he shared his recent medspa experience with me.  He went for a facial and liked his experience, but no one bothered to ask him to come back!  Men need reminders, ask any married woman. Part of your team training should include how to retain your male clients and what communication methods men prefer.
Peak Performer Team Training Business Modules

There are many things you’ll need to train your team on how to attract and retain your male clients; such as, how to communicate with them, discover concerns, discuss treat­ments and products, reserving the next ex­pe­rien­ce, signing up for a membership program, and so on all available on Medspa Biz Uni­ver­si­ty. There are many strategies we will go over during the Advanced Marketing Mas­te­ry Seminar coming up in Daytona Beach, FL. This 2-day event will arm you with the most advanced strategies to help in­crea­se your traffic and revenue.  Watch a preview pre­sen­ta­tion here.

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