This Video Explains Why You Should Have E-commerce On Your Spa Website.

Making money online should be one of your revenue streams. Your spa or medi spa website should be working for
you 24/7.

There are several ways to make money online.

  • E-commerce to sell your products

  • Selling Gift Cards

  • Online Reservations

If you launch e-commerce, keep in mind there is a lot of competition online in selling products. So, you have to really be able to optimize that shopping cart in order for you to make a profit.

One of the things I encourage clients to do if they have e-commerce is to create videos for every single one of their products instead of just having the content in words. It’s great for consumers to be able to watch a video for each one of the products to tell people what problems it solves, such as:

  • Suffering from acne? Purchase the acne regimen! Tell them the benefits.

Doing this will generate more traffic to your medi spa and spa shopping cart, and you make it a better and a more interesting shopping experience.

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