What Can I Do About Spa Team Calling In Sick On Weekends?

This Video Explains What You Can Do About Spa Team Members
Calling In Sick On Weekends.

The weekends can be the busiest time for your medi spa and having a team member call in sick can be a big problem not only for your spa, but for everybody on your team.

If you require a doctor’s note when calling in sick, this will reduce the number of call-ins. This should be in writing in your Employee Manual. Another option is if someone must call in sick, it would be their responsibility to find a replacement to fill in for them.

You need to have consequences, to where if a certain person misses more than a certain amount of days per month, per quarter or per year, then that’s ground for certain consequences or even termination.

If you just let it go without any consequences, then it’s just going to keep happening repeatedly. This is not a good way to do business.

My advice to you is to revisit your policy on calling in sick and make sure you require the following:

  • Doctor’s note
  • Another person to replace them

So, try that and see how it works for your spa and make sure you enforce your policy if you’re going to have one.

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