InSPAration Moments • Bright Idea – February 2019

Survey Your Database

Do you want to change your medi spa menu but are not sure what to delete or introduce? It’s time for a survey!

A survey we did to capture annual growth over the previous year.

  • 14% increased by over 20%
  • 43% increased between 15% and 20%
  • 22% increased between 14% to 10%
  • 21% increased between 10% to 5%

Thanks for participating and congratulations on your growth! Want to improve?
Become a CoachMe! member!

Watch the Bright Idea and discover how to do a survey or host a focus group.

Need help in creating your new spa menu? Check out the Menu Dos & Don’ts.

I want to encourage you to either use Survey Monkey or they have other survey platforms that you can use to send out a survey to your database.

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