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Effective Business Training For Medi Spa & Spa Teams

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If You Are A Business Owner Who Is...

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Experiencing financial challenges & low profits

Working too hard and not getting ahead

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In need of effective business training material to succeed

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Recipes For Success!

Sometimes entrepreneurs like you work too hard when they don't need to. Running a business is much easier when you have a well-trained team.

The problem we often come across when we begin to assess a business is "lack of BUSINESS TRAINING for the team". Most medi spas and spas focus on the technical aspect of training but NOT the business component.

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" The "Ever Ready" Bunny! The lessons learned - invaluable - The friendship - beyond!"

Lynda Lazzaro
The Spa at Aestique

Recipes for Success is the newest CoachMe program designed to provide medi spas and spas with business training for the entire team to help improve the business and increase profits!

Most teams are not skilled in

  1. Taking a first-time guest and turning them into a lifetime client
  2. Recommending retail products or up-grading treatments
  3. How to increase the revenue per guest
  4. Self-promoting, cross promoting and marketing
  5. Asking for referrals or cross marketing

Therefore; most businesses spend a fortune on marketing due to bad retention and lack of business knowledge. This void causes overall bad performance and low profit lines. The good news is that it does not have to be this way.

If you want to solve all these problems and achieve the results you desire, you owe it to yourself to give your team the RECIPES For SUCCESS.

We want to arm you and your team with essential business training to help everyone know exactly what they need to do to fulfill their professional obligation, allow them to increase their income and help you operate a successful business.

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"Thank you for reminding me that the power to succeed is within me!

You inspire and empower others with wisdom and no-nonsense love. This has been an amazing experience. "

Desiree Carden
Blue Halo Med Spa

Imagine Having A Well-Trained Team Who:

  • Will make recommendations to increase retail revenue
  • Implement effective systems and strategies
  • Will deliver great guest experiences to increase retention
  • Ask for referrals and testimonials
  • Can self-market and cross market
  • Are positive with the right mindset and understanding of their duties
  • Allows you to have more freedom and less stress
  • Produces the results you've always dreamed of

This can become a reality when you invest your time and money in your team and provide them with the business training they need.

Take a short cut and tap into the Recipes For Success program and make your dreams a reality.

How Does It Work?
Recipes for Success is an online training. Every first Wednesday of every month at 3 pm Eastern you and your team can attend a one-hour webinar. This program offers total flexibility.

You can attend the webinar live - participate and learn the latest and the greatest business strategies to help you elevate your success. We encourage you to block this time with your team, learn and implement together.

You can Access a private member page 24/7. If you can't join the live webinar, you can access a private member page and view the webinar at your desired time.

You can download an MP3 file and listen. If you like to listen on the go, you can download the audio and take it with you.

You can read a transcript. If you prefer to read, you can download the transcript, mark it up, highlight, make notes, put it in a binder and make it part of your success library.

What Will You and Your Team Gain?

  • Systems, structure, strategies, and solutions to improve performance
  • Business training to deliver great guest experiences
  • The ability to achieve targets and goals
  • Become a high-performance team
  • Increased retention rate
  • Proven effective training that is easy to implement
  • Increase medi spa and spa revenue
  • Flexibility to access training anytime

You Will Receive:

  • 10 Webinar Presentations
  • 10 Audio Recordings - MP3 files
  • 10 Transcripts of the Webinars
  • 24/7 Access to a Private Member Page

Who Is It Ideal For?

  • Leaders, Managers, Practice Managers
  • All Team Members
  • Guest Relations Team
  • Anyone Who is Working In Your Business

Your Recipes For Success Modules

Module 1 Dreaming Big Dreams, Achieving Big Goals

Your first Recipe For Success is setting the foundation needed to succeed. The first step is understanding and defining your role as a team member. You will discover how to set goals, realize your responsibilities, check your mindset, your purpose, your image and your desire for success. Success is defined by Key Performance Indicators. You will have clarity on what and how you should measure your performance to reach your goals.

Team Bonus: Download a personal budget to help you set goals and manage your household finances.

Module 2 Converting a New Guest Into a Lifetime Client

The second Recipe For Success is how to take a new guest and convert them into a lifetime client. In this module, you will learn "must-have" conversations with your guests--from the greeting, to discovering your guests' needs, to recommending treatment solutions and home care products. Your guests are looking for your help. By implementing these productive conversations, all the tools/forms provided will improve your guest experience, convince them to reserve future appointments, and make asking for reviews easier. Study these conversations and watch your performance soar!

Module 3 Self and Cross Marketing Made Fun and Easy

The third Recipe For Success is all about marketing. Marketing is a key factor to success. As a professional, it's your duty to continually self-market and promote what you do. In this module, you will learn how to apply effective tools to ask for referrals, creating personal mini-commercials, distributing business cards with an offer, cross marketing with spa and medi spa dollars, and much more. You will have scripts to learn and implement. Once implemented, you will be able to market yourself with confidence, increase your capacity and your income!

Module 4 Gaining Reviews and Testimonials

The fourth Recipe For Success is about the importance of reviews and testimonials. Fact: Eight out of 10 consumers will consult online reviews before buying anything. Learn the difference between testimonials and reviews-this module is filled with great suggestions on how to gain reviews and testimonials. Discover how to ask for reviews, and use these reviews to help you gain more clients. Leverage "Before" and "After" pictures to draw in new guests, and improve retail sales and treatment upgrades. Turn your guests into raving fans and celebrate your success!

Module 5 Becoming a Superstar Team

The fifth Recipe For Success is your guide to becoming a superstar team and crushing the competition. It takes a highly efficient professional team to run a successful spa and medi spa. This module will help you understand why teamwork is important, and how each role matters in the overall success. You will learn strategies for establishing team values, building positive relationships internally, as well as promoting the team externally on social media platforms to show your community your expertise and results. Social media guidelines will be provided. The Team That Works Together Wins Together!

Module 6 Touchpoints to Increase Retention

The sixth Recipe For Success is on how to deliver a "wow" guest experience to increase retention. Retention is a direct reflection on the type of spa or medi spa experience you deliver. When you deliver exceptional experiences guests keep returning to you. Touchpoints are the little things that you do that make your guest experience go from average to "Wow!" It takes team effort to put on a great show. In this module, you will discover all the ins and outs of how to implement touchpoints to help you improve and wow your guests! Results? Happier guests equal bigger success!

Module 7 Increasing Your Capacity With Memberships

The seventh Recipe For Success is how to increase your capacity. As a team member, you should strive to operate at 80% + of your capacity. If you are at work for 8 hours, you should do at least 6 treatments if assuming each treatment is one hour. The best way to maximize your productivity is with memberships. In this module, you will learn how to invite clients to become members, so you can help them achieve better results and maximize your own productivity and increase your income!

Module 8 Fun and Productive Events

The eighth Recipe For Success is the ability to host fun events that will generate mega revenue. As a team member, your participation will make a big difference between success and failure. In this module, you will learn how to do demonstrations, encourage participation, generate sales and much more. Events are designed to generate buzz and introduce new people to your medi spa and spa. Implement this content and generate six figures during your next event!

Module 9 Ready, Set, Go

The ninth Recipe For Success is knowing how to shoot videos to educate and improve your positioning, and to generate more revenue. Video marketing is the most innovative and effective method to reach existing clients and gain new ones In this module, you will learn the ins and outs of how to shoot effective videos. You will gain a systematic structure on how to shoot videos, how to ensure your videos get views on YouTube and social media platforms and more.

Module 10 Implementing & Living Successful Habits

The tenth Recipe For Success is to implement and live successful habits. Success can be a habit. When you implement a great foundation, outline successful habits and live them, you will be able to transform your life. In this module, you will learn how to develop great habits that will last a lifetime.

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I love the CoachMe programs. My team and I listen to the modules on a regular basis. They have helped us improve our business tremendously.

Denise Dubois
Complexions Spa For Beauty And Wellness
Albany and Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

I listen to Dori in my car all the time (my kids say, "oh, mom is listening to Dori"). I also give my team MP3 files and the transcripts to either read or listen. We meet on regular basis and discuss implementation plans. The modules keep us on track and focused to keep improving. I don't know what I would do without this program.

Beth Pestotnik
Skin Essentials
Littleton, Colorado

I have doubled my business since I started the CoachMe program. I love all the fresh strategies I get to hear and implement.

CoCo Pai
Coco Spa
San Francisco, California

I love all the fantastic resources available to me through the CoachMe Platinum. My only regret is that I didn't know Dori 14 years ago when I first started my MedSpa. I HIGHLY recommend the Platinum CoachMe Program! It is incredibly invaluable!

Erika Wilson BS, MHS
Columbia Laser Skin Center
The Dalles, Oregon

Founder and CEO of InSPAration Management, a firm specializing in Medi Spa and Spa development, advanced education, and business tools. Over the past 19 years, Dori has contributed to the success of companies worldwide.

Dori's passion is developing innovative, effective educational programs and business strategies leading to exponential growth and profits!

Her Success Library and Leadership Seminars are delivered in a clear, concise manner providing industry leaders with implementation blueprints to ensure success.

Dori is an author, global speaker, mentor, executive coach and a mastermind group leader.

We invite you to visit to explore all the tools available to help you start a successful business or transform your current one!