Set A Course For Medical Aesthetics Success

Set Your Course For Success

Happy August


August is a busy month. It’s filled with great business strategies to help you elevate your success! We are hosting the Millionaire’s Circle Seminar on August 13 and 14th. Many are joining us to learn how to attract affluent consumers to their businesses so they can promote more high-ticket programs. Check it out here and join in!


I am also speaking at the Extended Aesthetic Symposium Conference at the end of the month in Boca Raton, Fl. Stop by and say hello!


We also invite you to watch this month’s Dori talks – 10 Myths and Realities to Succeeding with your Medical Aesthetics Practice.


My new book is coming out! 

Medical Aesthetics Success - Your Business in the Black

Reserve your copy now!


We wish you a great summer!

Dori and Team

10 Myths and Realities for Succeeding with Medical Aesthetics


Opening and operating a successful medical aesthetics business is not an easy venture. It takes a lot of strategic planning to make your vision a reality. Today, many doctors and other medical professionals such as NPs, PAs, RNs, and entrepreneurs are interested in opening medical spas. Everyone has good intentions but how does one plan for success? In this Dori Talks, I will help you discover myth and reality so you can avoid costly mistakes and apply effective strategies so you can succeed the fastest way possible. 


An important lesson to learn from the start is not to reinvent the wheel. For the past 20 years, my team and I have perfected a proven effective business model to help you generate multiple millions in... Read More


Millionaires' Circle Seminar


If you are looking for ways to stop discounting your medical aesthetic treatments, raise your prices, and earn more profits, we recommend packing your bags and joining us in Daytona Beach!


Generating multiple millions of dollars is easy when you have a formula. Watch a complimentary presentation to help you get into the Millionaires’ Circle!


To learn more about the  Millionaires’ Circle  seminar coming up in August, go to  and register!


Two-day seminar in Daytona Beach, Florida

August 13th & 14th


Congratulations to Denise Dubois and her team for continuing to be high achievers. 


Denise has an amazing business and team. They have implemented the entire business model we offer members. Denise has two locations - one in Albany, and one in Saratoga, NY. Denise has published her book and just recently launched her own private label skin care- Dubois Skin Care. This is not your typical put your name on a bottle, she worked with chemists to formulate her own formulas.


She just did her product launch with her brand ambassador “celebrity Heather Thompson from real housewives of NY”. Denise continues to innovate and launch new things to maintain her competitive advantage and her continued growth.

Congratulations to Denise and her team and their continued success!

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