Increase Your Medical Aesthetics High-Ticket Sales

Happy 4th of July

Happy July!


Can you believe the third quarter of the year is upon us!  How is your business so far?  Happy to announce many InSPAration Management members are knocking it out of the park!  Nothing makes us happier!

In this issue, we invite you to watch or read the Dori Talks show, where you will discover Seven Steps to Recommending High-Ticket Programs so you can elevate your success!


We did a complimentary event on how to market to affluent consumers! We had record attendance. It was a preview of the upcoming Millionaires’ Circle seminar on August 13th & 14th in Daytona Beach, FL.

Help us congratulate the 4 Beauty Plastic Surgery and Medspa on their success! They just launched their VIP Program!

Also, congratulations to my son Charlie for completing his first master’s semester in Environmental Science with all A’s! He is visiting this month from Melbourne, Australia!

Enjoy this issue and Happy July!

Dori & Team

Increase your medical aesthetics high-ticket sales and become more profitable!


I did a Recipe for Success module last month about recommending and closing high-ticket medical aesthetic programs. It was so well received by InSPAration Management members that I decided to share this topic to help you and the industry.


In medical aesthetic practices, there’s nothing cheap, almost everything you offer as far as medical aesthetic treatments are costly high-price ticket items. Some treatments are thousands of dollars. I have a friend who just went to a plastic surgeon and medical spa and invested over $100,000 in treatments and procedures.


There are consumers who are investing money in high-ticket programs. You may think it’s crazy to spend that kind of money, but she felt great about doing it and she’s very happy with the results. How does this happen? How do you convince a consumer to invest anywhere between $2K to $5K to $10K to $20K to $100K in medical spa treatments and plastic surgery procedures?

The leaders and medical professionals who manage their business successfully usually have a process and systems in place for...
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Millionaires' Circle Seminar


If you are looking for ways to stop discounting your medical aesthetic treatments, raise your prices, and earn more profits, we recommend packing your bags and joining us in Daytona Beach!


Generating multiple millions of dollars is easy when you have a formula. Watch a complimentary presentation to help you get into the Millionaires’ Circle!


To learn more about the Millionaires’ Circle seminar coming up in August, go to and register!


Two-day seminar in Daytona Beach, Florida

August 13th & 14th

Special - Buy One Ticket Get One FREE!

Regular price $3,950 per ticket.

This offer expires on July 5th.  


Congratulations to the 4 Beauty Aesthetics Institute
For Plastic Surgery & Medspa Team!


Dr. Mendieta is a leading plastic surgeon located in Miami, Fl. He is known globally for his skills and expertise. Consumers flock to Miami from all over the world to have him perform their plastic surgery procedures.


Their location offers both plastic surgery and a Medical Spa. They perform the most innovative medical spa treatments combined with great experiences.


Last month they launched their VIP Membership Program, and they are off to a great start enrolling new members! They continue to implement effective business strategies and improve their business model reaching a higher level of success and helping more consumers look their best.


Dr. Mendieta and Camille Monasterio are a force for the good! We love having them in our community, and wish them continued success!  


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