Two-Day Millionaries’ Circle Seminar

I was talking with a highly successful member the other day, and she was thanking me and my team for how successful her business is now from five years ago.  When we met, she was the typical average medical spa doing about $1 million in revenue, barely breaking even, not paying herself, not to mention being stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, etc.

She became an InSPAration member, and we started working together.  Today, she is generating over $4 million in revenue per year and earning 30% in net profit, while paying herself another $200K per year.

Why am I telling you all this? I am telling you this, so you can do the math. To succeed in medical aesthetics today, you must generate at least $3 to $4 million + in revenue and pay yourself at least six-figures. But most owners don’t.

Fact: An average medical aesthetics practice generates about $1.2 million per year, and profit about 10 to 15% if they are lucky.  Most barely break even, and work very hard for very little.

The question is, do you want to remain where you are now or do you want to step into the Millionaires’ Circle?

Imagine generating $4 million + in revenue with 30% profit!  That equals $1.2 million in profit per year! And don’t forget the amount you would pay yourself on top of it.  When you reach this level of success, you are building a scalable business and one that is attractive to a seller, should you decide to sell.

Anything other than that is just being average. 

So how did she do it, and how do other members succeed? How do you go from wherever you are now to multiple millions per year?

Easy, you tap into a successful business model, and you implement!

I am writing you to invite you to join us for the upcoming seminar we are holding in August.

It’s called the Millionaires’ Circle

A two-day live event where you
will discover the T.M.S.P. system

The system focuses on how to target the affluent consumers, market, sell and profit from the relationship.

To generate multiple millions in revenue per year, you must do two things:

  1. Focus on selling high-ticket programs. To sell high-ticket programs, you must have qualified clients who can afford your programs. That is the whole premise of this seminar.
  2. Implement a recurring revenue model to maximize the lifetime client value.

Because you will be armed with the strategies needed to find the affluent clientele who will be able to afford what you offer, and then keep them buying from you.  This is the secret on how you can go from hundreds of thousands in business to multiple millions per year.

We have the whole formula, and we are ready to share it in Daytona Beach in August.

To help you more, I did a complimentary webinar about it as a preview. I encourage you to watch it, then reserve your seat!

SEMINAR special

Receive A two for one admission!
Good until August 2nd

Reserve your seat now and gain access to the T.M.S.P. system
and get into the Millionaires’ Circle.

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