Increase Your Medical Aesthetics High-Ticket Sales & Become More Profitable

I did a Recipe for Success module last month about recommending and closing high-ticket medical aesthetic programs. It was so well received by InSPAration Management members that I decided to share this topic to help you and the industry.

Recipes For Success Volume IV CaseIn medical aesthetic practices there’s nothing cheap, most everything you offer as far as medical aesthetic treatments are costly high-price ticket items. Some treatments are thousands of dollars. I have a friend who just went to a plastic surgeon and medical spa and invested over $100,000 in treatments and procedures.

There are consumers who are investing money in high-ticket programs. You may think it’s crazy to spend that kind of money, but she felt great about doing it, and she’s very happy with the results. How does this happen? How do you convince a consumer to invest anywhere between $2K to $5K to $10K to $20K to $100K in medical spa treatments and plastic surgery procedures?

The leaders and medical professionals who manage their business successfully usually have a process and systems in place for enrolling consumers into high-ticket programs. That’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Seven steps to recommending high-ticket sales
within your Medical Aesthetic Practices

1. Understanding sales & sales perception

Selling is the oldest profession in the world.  What do you think of when you hear the word salesperson?

What comes to most people’s mind? A car salesman, someone who’s very talkative, snake oil, someone who is pushy, aggressive, or they just want to sell you something…anything!  Let’s face it, it’s not a career that most kids grow up dreaming about. They don’t go running to mom and dad saying I want to be a salesperson.

Some people look down at the sales profession, but the fact is that some salespeople are among some of the highest paid people in our society.

Steve Jobs 2010Let’s talk about the late Steve Jobs.  Do you think he was a salesperson? He sure was. When he stood in front of thousands of people presenting the latest in Apple innovation, what was he doing?  He was selling. He was getting his community excited about the new products they were launching. He did such a great job selling, that people flocked to the Apple stores to buy them, and he was rewarded by increasing the shareholder value of the Apple stock.

Elon Musk 2018How about Elon Musk when he talks about the latest innovations with Tesla, or when he launched SpaceX? Is he selling? Yes!

The fact is – that everything has to be sold. Things are being sold globally each day! If things are not being sold, the whole economy will collapse.  The medical industry is afraid of the word sales. That is why we call it recommending, prescribing, etc. but at the end of the day, it’s selling.

2. Positioning your medical aesthetic business
& your team as experts

Fact: If someone is going to invest thousands of dollars with you, they want to make sure that they are dealing with professional experts.  They want to feel confident about their decision to choose you.

Being experts will attract the ideal consumers to you!  It increases the chances of them reaching out for help and to purchasing high-ticket medical aesthetic programs from you.

Your image and that of your providers, injectors, aestheticians, laser techs, patient coordinators, etc. is key to positioning.  Your online presence, your facility, your marketing material, your voice, videos, they all play a big part in your success with high-ticket sales.

Make a great impression on your prospects, always be professional, care about your clients, and it will all pay off!

– Fact-finding & Qualifying

When you have a new client coming in for medical spa treatments or for a consultation, it’s essential you do your fact-finding exercise prior to their arrival. Here is what we teach. There is a form we provide all of the members called the Fact-finding and Pre-qualifying Form. It’s the duty and the role of the guest relations’ team or patient coordinators to complete the fact-finding form prior to the client arrival. 

This form is then provided to the person who is conducting the treatment or who is doing the consultation. This form will help the medical spa team learn about the client, their lifestyle, their profession, and whatever else they found on Google and social media based on their research. The more you know about who you are meeting, the more prepared you are building a great relationship and to truly helping your affluent consumers.

4. High-Ticket Presentation

the spa at aestique menu design by insparation managementHow you present to your clients predicts whether you’ll receive a yes or a no decision for your high-ticket programs.  Having professional material such as your intake forms, credibility brochure, success stories, before and after pictures, product and treatment menu, etc.  Any marketing material to help you present must be professional and super branded with a consistent image and brand.

While presenting, it’s important to control the conversation, so you can best help the client.  If they ask for a price too early, you can’t just answer them, you must control when you want to tell them.  You can always say “it depends” or you can give a range, “it’s between this and that, would that be comfortable for you”?

When you are ready, you tell them the price.  First show them the value, then you can justify the price with value.  

5. Success Stories & Social Proof

Using success stories during your presentation can help you overcome potential objection before they come up. This is a great sales technique that doesn’t feel like selling.  Third party stories are a great way to make a point and state the facts.  It’s also the same for before and after pictures.  Both provide your clients with proof that what you are saying is accurate and delivers credibility that your high-ticket programs deliver results.

Build your success stories and social proof library, have them handy for all providers to use during the sales process.

Remember, people buy emotionally and justify it logically. Inject emotions in your success stories.  Facts Tell, Emotions and Stories Sell.

6. Enticing Offers To Purchase Now

When you are presenting a high-ticket medical aesthetics program, you must create urgency for them to purchase now.  To succeed, you must present an enticing and irresistible offer they can’t say no to.

Everyone is busy, the last thing you want to hear is “I want to think about it” or whatever other excuse they give you.  If you did everything right, they should simply purchase, they say yes!  Remember to discuss their pain points, provide solutions, back it up with proof then, you will get a “YES let’s get started”!. The only reason for them to say no is if you did not make an offer to get started now. 

An enticing offer is what will make them want to say yes!  Be ready to sign them up. Always assume them saying yes.  Always summarize the benefits, the big picture of how they’ll feel, the results they will achieve and the overall reason they would want to experience these treatments to begin with.

7. Delivering On The Promise

Once they purchase the high-ticket program, the work begins.  Make it a habit to always under promise and overdeliver.  Inject good surprises within their experience.  Make sure they are happy and continue to strengthen the relationship you are building.  The stronger the relationship is, the more referrals, reviews, you will receive and more likelihood of them becoming a lifetime client by becoming a member.

All your efforts should lead to a win-win-win.  The client wins, the team wins, and you win!!

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