5 Steps To Improve Your Guest Results With Multiple Modalities

Fact: Botox is the number one treatment in medical spas. Many clients call requesting this treatment, the guest relations reserve them, they come in, receive their Botox treatment, and they leave. You are missing out on truly helping your clients/patients gain greater results by not recommending multiple modalities.

Recommending multiple modalities

To accomplish this goal, you must implement a great intake form that allows your clients to inform you of all the concerns they have so you can recommend multiple treatments. Your medical spa offers many different treatments on the menu and it will be wise to inform your guests of all the solutions you offer to help them.

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Having an intake form that highlights problems and concerns will help you open the conversation for you to help the client and generate more income for you and revenue for the business.

Multiple treatments can be offered by recommending multiple modalities. Consider including with Botox, fillers, and threads. This will help your clients achieve better results, and you will increase your revenue per client.

Feature your superior client results with multiple modalities. Improve your before and after pictures and tell the stories.

VI Peel recently did a clinical study on how injectors can give Botox and a peel during the same visit. The study indicated that the clients achieved better results. So now, you can turn a Botox treatment from $500 to $800+ with not much effort.

Go through your medspa menu, see what treatments can be offered at the same time, and customize their experience with multiple treatments.

Follow a system

Each morning, look at your schedule and preplan your day. We call that Daily Success Planning! Look up each client on your schedule and anticipate the different treatments you can recommend to them. Don’t be an order taker; explore your options and theirs and be a revenue generator.
Connecting With Your Medical Spa
Think about your clients’ ultimate goals and be confident about making the recommendations that will truly provide that solution. Once you recognize and commit to transformative results, your entire approach will expand. Get to know your clients and build strong relationships. This will build trust, and they will take you up on your recommendations.

Cross Marketing

Get into the habit of cross marketing in other departments. Promote the entire team with their specialties. From injectables, lasers, IV and wellness programs, to combining facial aesthetics with hair growth, weight loss, with body contour, hair removal and laser resurfacing, and sexual wellness with IV therapy, you can cross market to different departments so we can really help the clients.

Cross marketing between all departments will create multi-modality programs for your clients. For larger teams, discover each person’s specialties so you can recommend them with confidence. Also, you can offer an incentive to help the medical spa team cross promote.

Unique Positioning

Embracing the latest medical spa technologies and treatment modalities can set your medical spa apart from competitors, highlighting innovation and quality.

Feature your multiple modality results online. On your website and on social media to help promote multiple treatments for best results. Begin offering promotions on multiple treatments and home care instead of just one treatment. There are many marketing strategies that will help you promote unique positioning to attract your ideal clients.

Integrate multiple modalities
into your medical spa menu

First, analyze your menu of services and identify which modalities can be combined for improved client results. Train the team on how to recommend multiple modalities. You can use a program such as Don’t Sell, Recommend, and or the Success with Guest Con­sul­ta­tion to help you train the team. Set your goals and targets and begin helping more people. You can be like many clients we help where they were able to double and triple their revenue per guest. They go from $500 on average per client to over $2,000 on average per client. You can do the same thing if you apply these steps we just discussed.
Be sure to update your software to accommodate for proper timing and building customized programs.
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