Maximize Prosperity With Your Medical Aesthetics Business

May this new year bring you a new level of success in life and business.

We invite you to be part of this year’s theme: “Maximize Prosperity.”
Watch the featured article and improve your Entrepreneurial Journeys – from getting started to multiple 7 figures.

You’re invited to join us for two complimentary presentations to kick start 2024 on the right path and become more prosperous!

  1. Vision to Victory – Ideal for professionals who are just getting started in business.
  2. Seven Steps to Seven Figures & Beyond – Ideal for people who are ready to step into multiple seven figures.

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Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
From Dori & The InSPAration Management Team

Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in the medical aesthetic field is not just a test of professional skills but a profound exploration of one’s mindset.  As a consulting firm working closely with medical professionals and entrepreneurs, we see firsthand the emotional side of entrepreneurship. … Read More!

Two complimentary seats to your choice of the new prosperity business seminar series. A value of $3,000!

Vision To Victory

A preview presentation for the two-day event. You will be guided through every stage of launching and running a thriving medical spa. From clarifying your vision, your brand, designing your space, mastering high-ticket sales, and creating exceptional client experiences, this seminar offers a comprehensive roadmap to success. By honing your business acumen and cultivating a millionaire mindset, you’ll gain the confidence to transform your vision into a prosperous reality. Join a team of experts to help you make your vision a reality.
Wednesday, Jan. 3rd @ 3PM EST
Register now for a one-hour presentation.

Seven Steps to 7 Figures & Beyond

This is a preview of a two-day seminar where we unveil the secrets of transforming your medical spa into a million-dollar and beyond enterprise. From strategic positioning, targeted marketing, effective lead management, high-ticket sales techniques, exceptional client experiences, VIP program enrollment, and maximizing lifetime value, you’ll learn the precise steps to achieve seven-figure success. Equip yourself with advanced business strategies and elevate your med spa’s revenue to new heights.

Wednesday, Jan. 4th @ 3PM EST

Register now for a one-hour presentation.
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