What is the Best Way to Pay a Nurse Injector?



“What is the Best Way to Pay a Nurse Injector?”

Dori Soukup, the founder of InSPAration Management, answers another Question of the Week.

Mary, from Tennessee, asks:

“What is the best way to pay a nurse injector?”

If only I had $1 for every time I get that question asked!

There are so many ways people pay nurse injectors, and most of them are the wrong way. Some of them are still paying commissions, which you’re not supposed to do because that’s considered fee splitting.

You have to be careful about how you set up paying a nurse injector. Many are paying this huge amount hourly, and it’s not performance-based compensation. It is all over the place.

Compensation mix

There is a way to pay them properly. You should offer a compensation mix. I don’t think anybody should just get paid per hour. They should get paid in a variety of other ways. They should get bonuses, benefits, and rewards. They should be measured with Key Performance Indicators. Now you have a mix of ways to pay them.

What I like about paying with a Mixed Compensation Model is the fact that they can’t compare it with what they would get down the street. Instead of comparing apples to apples, now you’re comparing oranges to apples. We want to be different than what the competition is paying.

Volume Per Guest

The best way to pay is something that we cover during the Volume Per Guest Compensation Model that we talk about during the Leap Ahead seminar. I believe in paying a decent hourly rate, but then give them bonuses based on the Volume Per Guest.

How much do they generate for each person that walks into the facility or room? The higher the Volume Per Guest is, the bigger their bonuses can be.

Key Performance Indicators

Then we set up measurements — KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) — on retention, hitting the target, the number of referrals and self-generated clients that they get, and cross-marketing opportunities. Then we’ll have another bonus based on what they do there.


Then you have your rewards. Your rewards could be all the different treatments that you give them too because that has a high price on it. Just because somebody gives you injections for free – Botox, fillers or whatever — doesn’t mean that you should pass that on automatically. Those kinds of things also should be earned.

Reasons for the compensation mix

When you create a model where you’re offering them a nice mix, it’s motivational and it’s going to retain them. You also can do profit sharing. This way, they’re not jumping to go work for somebody else.

There are so many ways to structure a smart compensation model that is performance-based. This is something that I can help you create. You have to be very careful, especially if you’re just opening and you’re not busy. If you just pay this high hourly rate and then they’re sitting around doing nothing, that will bleed the business very fast. It will deplete your cash flow.

Rules for the compensation model

There’s a lot that goes into setting up the compensation model. Don’t rely on advice from people who have not done it. It’s not a proven-effective process. Be very careful who you listen to. We’ve been teaching the VPG model for a long time, and we have modified it quite a bit over the years. It is so good. People who have implemented it love it.

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