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Should I Keep My New Medi Spa Together or Separate from My Medical Practice?

There are so many variables to answering this question. It depends on the space that you have…

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How & When is a Good Time to Open a Call Center?

When people have a very busy place, it is a much better idea to have a call center than to have chaos at your reception desk area.

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Should I Add Medical Treatments?

Many people now that have day spas, wellness centers, or chiropractic centers want to include medical treatments within their practice. That’s a great way to practice geometric growth…

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How Can You Help Nurse Practitioners Transition into Med Spa?

There’s a lot of costs for operating a business. A lot of people don’t understand what all these costs are and the fact that it’s…

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InSPAration Moments • Special of the Month – August 2019

Must-Have Legal Forms For Your Medi Spa Brand new! Are you looking for all the legal forms needed for your…

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InSPAration Moments • Dori Recommends – August 2019

The seventh Recipe For Success is on how to increase your capacity. As a team member, you should strive to operate at 80% + of your capacity. If you are at work for 8 hours, you should do at least 6 treatments (assuming each treatment is one hour).

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