Medical Aesthetics Businesses Financial Freedom Awaits You!

Medical Aesthetics Businesses Financial Freedom Awaits You!

Happy August!

Watch the Dori Talks and Avoid 10 of the most common challenges medical spa leaders face and how to avoid them.

Also, in the Tip of the Month, you can discover the new and improved S.A.C.R.E.D. system to help generate high ticket sales.

We are so excited to host the Become Published Seminar on August 15th & 16th. Watch the video below and get inspired.

We wish you a great August!

From Dori and InSPAration Management Team

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As a leader in a competitive medical spa industry, it is essential to address your challenges with proven, effective business solutions. In this Dori Talks, we will explore 10 of the most common challenges medical spa leaders face and provide you with easy-to-implement programs to avoid them and reach success faster. … Read More.
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Play Video about Become Published to receive book and tv interviews for free.

We are hosting the Book Writing Seminar on August 15th & 16th in Daytona Beach, FL. To learn more go to so you too can gain free publicity like Michele Landry did.

Watch the video and get inspired to become a published author!

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Tip Of The Month

Aren’t you tired of averaging $300 per client per visit? It would be best if you were because the average ticket in the medical spa should be $1,000 plus for returning clients and $2,000 to $10,000 for new clients. So why are most medspas stuck on average?

Don’t be average; begin promoting high-ticket programs and reach a new level of success for you and your clients. But how do you do that?  You need a system.  If you are serious about improving your performance, you are ready for the newly revised S.A.C.R.E.D. system.

This system will provide an A to Z process to increase your revenue per guest.  You will learn how to perform effective guest consultations leading to high-ticket programs.  Learn more and purchase your program now.

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Congratulations Dr. Walters on your speaking engagement

Congratulations, Dr. Walters, on becoming a speaker and soon-to-be author. We love working with doctors who implement effectively.

As a medical spa leader and provider, speaking and positioning yourself as the expert is essential. That is precisely what Dr. Walters is doing. She is on her way to being the only choice in Sarasota. She and her team are constantly training and striving to improve!

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