Reducing Your Medical Spa Product Cost & Increasing Profits

November is a time to giving thanks!  We all have so much to be thankful for—we have a great country; we work in a wonderful industry; we have opportunities to help society, and we have can be as prosperous as we wish to be.  We thank all of you for being part of the InSPAration Management community, and we look forward to continuous contributions to your success.

Read, watch, or listen to the featured article and discover Five Steps to Reducing your Product Cost and Increasing Profits.

Also, join us for the Meet the Expert Show and discover How To Retain & Motivate Your Injectors with attorney Sara Shikhman and Dori Soukup.

Check out the Black Friday special. Get in the black by implementing a recurring revenue model.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

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As a consultant firm that helps medical spa owners globally, the first step, we take with new clients is assessing their financials.  We assess the P&L statements, and we calculate their financial ratios.
One of the medspa financial ratios that seem to always be high is the product cost… Read More.

Do you know why Black Friday is called Black Friday?  Because businesses make so much during that day, they are in the black—very profitable!

That is where you should be, in the black!

If you want to be in the black, start by getting my latest book for free – Medical Aesthetics Success – Your Business in The BLACK.

Implement the C.O.P.I.E. system, so you can offer a VIP program to your client where you will have a recurring revenue model to put your business in the black.
We have clients who generate 6 figures per month just from their VIP program; you can do the same!

The C.O.P.I.E. System


Purchase the C.O.P.I.E. System and receive the Six Figure Event Planning for free! A value of $1,495

It’s buy one program get one free.
med spa event planning
Join Dori Soukup & Sara Shikhman

Nov 14th at 3 pm EST

Some of what you’ll learn

  1. The Injectors Challenge Many Medspa Owners Are Facing
  2. Engaging Your Injector with The Right Position – Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
  3. Engaging, Train and Retaining Your Injectors – Training Reimbursement Agreements
  4. Compliant Compensation Structures
  5. Injector retention tips and career path
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