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October 2018

Hello October,


It’s my birthday this month, I am one year wiser! As I sit and reflect on this past year, the one thing that sticks out most is how I balanced work and pleasure this year. How good are you on balancing work and fun? We all work so hard, but we also we need to play hard.  One reason we sometimes work hard and long hours is due to lack of structure, systems and strategies within the business.  Imagine your Medi Spa and or Spa business PROFITABLE and ON AUTO PILOTRead This Issue & Chart Your Path To Prosperity.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We are committed to this cause and would like to contribute 10% of all purchases from this newsletter to Breast Cancer Awareness.


Important Dates

October 10th Soaring Ahead Module 10

Topic: Team Guest Relations Department

October 14th-16th  AmSPA Nashville

October 20th-21st Write Your Book in 1 Weekend Seminar

October 22nd-24th Leap Ahead Leadership Seminar

October 30th CoachMe! Expert Interview

Mike Ruso - Carr HealthCare Reality

Topic: Tips Negotiating a Lease

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Read the Featured Article and discover strategies that will set you free and lead to a more prosperous pathRead more


Question Of The Week

Is your business in compliance with the law?  Many Spas, and specifically Medical Spas, may not be operating with the guidelines of their state laws, read more.


Dori Recommends

Mistakes to avoid when opening a new Medi Spa or Spa. Ready, Set, Go! Not so fast.  It takes strategic planning to ensure success. Read more

Question Of The Week

Are You Operating Your Medi Spa or Day Spa Legally?

Many may not be operating within the guidelines of their state laws.  Everything is so grey that it takes a legal team to help you navigate through the process. 

Since the laws are determined by each individual state, you will need to call to find out the guidelines.  Even then, you may not get a straight answer. 

That’s why I would like to recommend AmSpa to help you navigate through all the legalities.  It’s better to be safe then to be sorry.

Alex & Dori

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Entrepreneurs work hard.  Why do I say that?  Because most don’t have a proven-effective business model in writing outlining all their systems, structures, policies, procedures, training, etc. They are always repeating themselves and doing things in an inconsistent manner.

For example, during a private coaching call recently, a client was expressing frustration with the fact that she had to train yet another new employee, and it will take a lot of her time.  I asked her if she has a training manual for that position.  The answer was no.  

This is a new client to us, but she is not new to her business.  As a matter of fact, she has been in business for nine years.  After nine years, she still does not have departmental manuals. She is working too hard. 

What plan did we come up with to help free her from the repetitive tasks that took up days for her to complete? 

Are you in the same situation? If you are re-inventing the wheel all the time, you are working too hard. 

I encourage you to implement a proven effective Medi Spa and Spa business model so your business can be on AUTO PILOT and profitable. 

6 Steps to Creating an Effective Medi Spa or Spa Business Model

1. Establish Structure 2. Define your Spa and Medi Spa departments. Identify your department leads 3. Publish Departmental Training Manuals for each department 4. Systems and Operational Guidelines by department 5. Training - Technical & Business 6. Measurement – Evaluation, Consequences and Efforts for continuous improvement

Establishing structure gives the entire team clarity as to how your organization operates.  Without it, you have chaos.

Every business has four main departments: I. Operations II. Sales III. Marketing IV. Finance It’s best to have department manuals for each division of your company.  Establish chains of command in order for your team to know who to go to with issues, training, coaching, and help. Who will train them, evaluate them, mentor them, etc.? If you want your business to succeed, you need written departmental manuals. Here is a list of must have manuals: I. Orientation & Employee Manual

II. Business Plan Manual III. Therapist Manual IV. Guest Relations Department Manual V. Sales Manual VI. Guest Consultation Manual

VII. Marketing Plan Manual

VIII. Team Building Manual

IX. Support Team Manual   When you have clarity by department and train from effective, well-defined manuals, you will have solid structure, consistency and growth!

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you are looking for an effective business model. Check out the Medi Spa and Day Spa Manuals we have for your business.

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Dori Recommends

Mistakes to Avoid When Opening a New Medi Spa or Spa

Ready, Set, Go! Not so fast.  It takes strategic planning to ensure success.

Watch this video, to help you avoid costly mistakes.

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