Any Suggestions for Medical Spas on How to Compete with Big Box Stores on Black Friday?



“Any Suggestions for Medical Spas on How to
Compete with Big Box Stores on Black Friday?”

Hi there, Dori Soukup here, founder of InSPAration Management, with another Question of the Week. This week’s question came to us from Bill from New York. Bill asks, “It seems that every Black Friday, we miss out on the rush. Do you have some suggestions on how we can compete with the big box stores?”

I know exactly what you’re talking about. Because all you have to do is watch the news and you’re seeing people who are just tripping over each other to go to Walmart, Target, Best Buy or all these stores. So how can you compete? I have great advice for you.

You should really start your Black Friday on “Black Wednesday.” That’s when you should launch everything. If you do that and you tease them with that information way before the holidays, you’ll be able to capture everyone before they go to the big stores and spend all their money.

You should have a great Black Friday promotion. If you’ve been to the Leap Ahead seminar, you’ve heard me tell you about it. I love the “Black Wednesday” event promotion that you can have, where they can buy your $100 gift card and receive four different $25 gift cards for free. It’s buy $100, get $100 for free. But the $100 for free is four different $25 gift cards.

You position the entire campaign as you helping them with their Christmas shopping. They can take those four different $25 gift cards and they can give them away as gifts to other people.

How do you benefit from that? You just got four brand-new clients from them. You know you don’t have anything for $2500; they have to use them toward a treatment. You can put that as a qualifier on it. You know they’re going to come and spend at least $100 or $150 with you.

It’s a great promotion to do, but don’t wait until Black Friday to do it. Do it on “Black Wednesday” so you can benefit greatly
from it.

I hope this answered your question. If you have a question, make sure you send it to

Until next time, stay inspired.

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