What Tools Are Available to Train My Medical Spa Team



“What Tools Are Available to Train My Medical Spa Team?”

Hi there, Dori Soukup here, with another Question of the Week. This week’s question came to us from Jessica from New York. Jessica says, I have a problem with consistency. What tools are available for the staff for me to train them?

Well, first of all, Jessica, we don’t use that word. We don’t say “staff.” We say “team.” But you know what? You’re not alone with not having consistency. As a matter of fact, almost every place I go to when I do a secret shopper mission, I always find inconsistency with the team’s performance. I have to say if you don’t have consistency, here goes your retention rate. That’s not a good thing.

If you want consistency, accuracy and growth, you have to have great training, methods and tools to train the team. And then, of course, measure what you’re training them on.

But to answer your question, the best tool we have for team training is the Recipes For Success. If you have not tapped into this, this is probably the best work I have done for team training. It includes 10 modules, and every single module is about an hour long. It goes over all the different strategies, team training, knowledge and skills that they need in order to do their positions effectively.

What’s nice about this training program is it’s already designed for you. You don’t even have to think about it. It’s me training the team for you. It makes it super easy. All you have to do is download the information. You can go to a private page and download each module. You have either the webinar, you have an audio or also the transcripts of every single module. Depending on what the preferred method of your team’s education intake is … they can either listen, they can watch or they can read.

They have no excuse not to actually do a great job for you. You can find this on inSPArationmanagement.com. You can check it out and be able to be part of it, and then start training your team from it.

Now I am doing a special for November with the Recipes For Success because we just completed module number 10. You have all 10 modules ready to go. Normally this is a price of $149 for each module, so it’s $1495 for the whole 10 months. But for November, I am offering this for only $1,000. You get all 10 modules. You can make two payments of $500 each. You’ll be able to tap in into all this great information.

I hope you found this helpful. Now, of course, we also have educational tools for you as well. But if you’re focusing on your team, then the Recipes For Success is the best thing for you. I hope you found this helpful.

If you also have a question, make sure you send it to us so we can answer it for you. And until next time, stay inspired!

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