Where Can I Go For Medical Spa Technical & Business Training?



“I’m planning on opening a new medical spa in New Hampshire. Where can I go for technical and business training?”

So glad that you’re looking for training because a lot of people make the mistake of opening without investing in their education. For technical training, you can go to EmpireMedicalTraining.com. You’ll be able to find out all sorts of technical educational programs. They have medical technical classes almost every weekend and they host them in a range of cities all over the U.S. I was just in New York City and they literally have hundreds of people, doctors, nurse practitioners and entrepreneurs who are planning to open medical spas and who are seeking exactly the kind of training that you’re asking about.

So, definitely go to EmpireMedicalTraining.com and check out Empire Medical Training. They have a great program where you can actually become a member. You’ll be able to pay a one-time price, then gain access to all their courses. This way, you don’t feel like you’re getting nickeled and dimed, paying for this and paying for that. They can work all that out for you too. On top of being a great educating company, they’re great people to work with. I love working with Empire Medical Training. So that’s for your technical training.

Now for your business training, the most popular business seminar we offer at InSPAration Management is called the Leap Ahead seminar. It’s a three-day event where we go over in depth on how to operate your medical spa and spa business successfully. We also offer a medi spa membership for business education. You will be armed with everything that you need to ensure your success.

We invite you to go and check out both sites and begin your educational journey. Remember, the more you learn the more
you earn!


Find out about the Leap Ahead seminar and other business tools designed specifically for the medical spa industry.

We invite you to set up a complimentary Success Planning Session, so we can find out exactly what your needs are and we can help guide you into the right tools that we have.

Empire Medical Training will do the same thing for you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We have perfected it between these two companies that I just gave you. Between Empire Medical Training and InSPAration Management, we have perfected the wheel. We can arm you with everything that you need to be super successful.

Have a question? You can always send it to info@InSPArationManagement.com, so you can be the next question of the week. Until next time, stay inspired!

Learn more at InSPArationManagement.com/Leap-Ahead-Spa-Medi-Spa-Business-Seminar or call (386) 226-2550.

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