Can I Really Write a Book in One Weekend?



“I’ve watched the webinar on ‘How to Become an Influencer.’ And I know that you have the seminar called ‘Write Your Book in One Weekend.’ This sounds just too good to be true. Can you really help someone write a book in one weekend?
Please help me understand how.”

It does sound too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s true. So let me tell you about the process and how we actually accomplish you writing a book in one weekend.

Yes, it is a weekend and the reason we do it on the weekends is because many of the attendees are professionals and entrepreneurs. They’re very busy. So we came up with the process to accomplish it in two days.

The first day we get together we decide on your topic — what it is that you want to be known as an expert for. Then, we work on the titles so everybody will have a title for their book.

During the first day, we use index cards to take you through the book writing process and what you want to have in your book. This is where you write down all the important things that you want to have in your book. So there’s a process. There’s a lot of steps that I personally will take you through to get the information out of your head and onto the paper.

You already know all the things you want to write about. We just get it out of your head onto these index cards. And this process is preparing us for what we want to do the next day.

Once we get all that information down, the next day we actually talk out the book. What I do is I set up two people together and they interview one another based on all the content that we worked on the day before.

So what we’re actually doing is we are talking the book out. We’re getting it out of your mouth rather than sitting and writing, because it’s a lot easier to speak than it is to write.

We record the interview. After we record it, we send that out to be transcribed. Once it gets transcribed, we send it to you, so you can add information in it such as before and after pictures, studies and statistics to fluff it up a little bit more and show your expertise.

Then, we design the cover and the back cover. The only thing you would need to do is set up the ISBN number, so we can list it on Amazon for you. And yes, you’ll have a book!

This is Dr. Sandhu’s book. She is with Neem Medical. She has three locations. She also is a Titanium member. She came to the book seminar and published her book. So she comes to the Mastermind Group meeting, she has attended the Leap Ahead seminar and now she is an author.

My team will design the whole book for you. Then we list it on Amazon for you. We put it on your website, so we use it as an opt-in opportunity so you can generate leads. Then you get a bonus by attending because I will show you how to market your business using the book.

We’ve helped hundreds of people get published already.

I’m confident that we can help you too. There’s a lot of steps that go into doing it. But it is truly wonderful. Above is Maciek’s book from Michigan. We have Dr. Okoro’s book. We have Marcy Street’s book. So many people have attended and published their books!

Don’t delay! Get published now and stop fighting the price war games. To learn more about this, you can go to

On this site, you will see all the information. You get to hear what people are saying about it. So you don’t even have to take my word for it. You get to see how they feel about it and what it meant to their business. Visit and download a special webinar I did for you.

Check it out! We look forward to seeing you at the next Write Your Book in One Weekend seminar!
Until next time, stay inspired!

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