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November 2018



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wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello November,


Everyone is getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The list of things to do this time of the year is huge. We all try to squeeze in as much as possible in one day. For you, your focus should be on finishing off the year strong! By now, you should have planned your holiday event, created your gift card promotions and set your sales goals. One thing to keep in mind is that people are usually nicer this time of the year. They are more open to doing things for others.


This issue is about giving and receiving. From all of us, we wish all of you a great Thanksgiving! We thank you for trusting us and for being part of the InSPAration Planet! Check out the Black Friday Specials!

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November 5th-6th 

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November 14th 

Soaring Ahead Module 11

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November 18th-19th 

The Aesthetic Academy Newport Beach, CA 


November 27th

CoachMe! Expert Interview

Rhonda & Mark Swant –Trilogy Medical Center

In This Issue

Remember the quote “Ask and You Shall Receive.” Read the Featured Article and learn how to ask for video testimonials and how to gain online reviews. These two things will help you crush your competition. Read more


Question Of The Week

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic … Watch The Question Of The Week Video and get the answer to “How do I build my database and lead more qualified traffic to my business?” You want qualified clients! Read more


Dori Recommends

When I worked in the corporate world, November was always the month the budget for the following year was prepared. You should do the same. Check out Dori Recommends and discover how easy it is to Prepare a Budget. Read more


Question Of The Week

How Can I Build My Database Fast?

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic … Watch The Question Of The Week Video and get the answer to “How do I build my database and lead more qualified traffic to my business?” All traffic is not created equally. You want qualified leads. People who can afford your treatments and products. You see, people don’t have to have what you offer. It’s all about discretionary income. You must have qualified clients to help avoid price wars. You want clients who can afford your spa or medi spa treatments!

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Featured Article 

How to Increase Your Revenue with Great Reviews!



4. Have a system and performance measures in place to gain reviews. Inform your team that gaining reviews is part of their responsibilities. Everyone should be asking their guests to give reviews.


5. Bonus your team for getting reviews. Set a target for your team members as to how many reviews they should receive per month. Give them a small bonus for achieving the goal.

6. You must have a process to handle bad reviews. Bad reviews are learning opportunities. No one likes bad reviews. But the fact is, no one is perfect. But how you handle it is crucial. Be careful not to air your dirty laundry online. If you have a bad review, contact the person online and ask them to call you, so you can learn more about what happened and how you can help.

7. Ask and you shall receive! Always ask for reviews and video testimonials. They will help you grow your business exponentially!

Make the commitment and plan to gain more reviews. Especially video testimonials for your spa or medi spa, and watch your business soar! I am not asking you to do anything we don’t do. If you want to see how we collect raving fans, go to InSPAration Management’s YouTube channel and check out all the raving fans we have on video. You need to do the same thing.  Post them on YouTube and link them to your website!

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Learning more ways on how to Increase Revenue!



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Event Planning

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted from running your day-to-day operations in your Spa or Medi Spa?


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Dori Recommends

When I worked in the corporate world, November was always the month the budget was prepared for the following year. You should do the same. If you don’t have a budget, you are letting your business manage you instead of you managing your business. As a leader, you need to know your break even point. How many people need to walk in and how much each person needs to spend for you to break-even and to go way beyond. 


We made budgeting super easy for you with the Spa and Medi Spa Budget Financial Tool. Watch this video and discover two great financial tools that will help you set solid financial structure.



Use code “blackfriday” at checkout

to receive 20% off!


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