How Can I Get My Medi Spa Receptionists to Be More Accountable And More Productive?



“How Can I Get Receptionists to be More Accountable & Productive?”

That is a great question. As a matter of fact, this is one of the things that we do during the Leap Ahead seminar. We call our spa or medi spa receptionists. We call the Guest Relations team members. We call to see how they answer the phone. And the truth is, I’ve never seen so many mouths drop when the attendees hear what goes on.

Here are the facts:

The thing is that when you hire a Guest Relations team member, often they’re not provided with the tools that they need to set them up for success. It’s not fair to them. I have to say that when they handle phone calls badly, it’s usually because nobody really taught them how to do things the proper way. And that’s not fair to them.

So, we’re not setting them up for success. We’re setting them up for failures. Yes, you train them on how to use the spa software system. You might teach them on how to greet and answer the phone. But the rest is really not usually addressed as it should be. Now you’re asking me, “how do I make them more accountable and more productive?”

To train them properly, you need to get your hands on the Guest Relations Audio and Manual. Now I’m not telling you this because I am trying to sell you a product. This has nothing to do with it. Believe me, we sell enough of this. If you don’t want it, that’s fine.
This is one of the most valuable tools you can provide to your medi spa reception team. Because in the Guest Relations module, I go over the entire process.

We go over check-in and check-out, how to convert those into consultations or appointments, and how to maximize revenue.
Instead of your team being only order takers, because that’s what happens when they answer the phone, I teach them how to become revenue generators. How to deliver a great guest experience. When you train them, you’re going to have such transformation for that department.

How to pay the Guest Relations team

Now the other little tip I’d like to give you is how you pay them. It also makes a big difference. Many guests relations team members are paid just a flat fee. It does not make a difference whether they reserve three or four treatments, or whether they reserve one treatment. To them, it doesn’t matter.

Change their compensation to make it more driven on revenue generation. Pay them an hourly rate, but then let’s give them a bonus at the end of the month based on performance and based on hitting the targets.

So, between educating them and changing the compensation model, now you have a process in place that’s going to increase productivity for you and make you more successful.

But if you don’t have these tools, and you don’t have the systems that you need in place, then you’re just going to keep getting what you’ve been getting. And that’s the last thing you want.

This is it. An investment, yes! You need the Guest Relations manual and the audio; they are both on the USB. You can download them. They get to listen to me going over this. Plus, they get to see the presentation. Plus, you get the manual and the manual is filled with scripts that you need to truly help them learn how to communicate with your guests and how to convert them. It is worth every penny. I want to encourage you to go to InSPAration Purchase the one with the manual; don’t just get the audio. Get the combination with audio and the manual. If you need help with the compensation, do a private coaching call with me. I can set that up for you in no time at all. And If you have not been to the Leap Ahead seminar yet, maybe you should come because you get the audio you get for free when you attend Leap Ahead.

Have a question? Make sure you write to us at so we can answer your questions. Until next time, stay inspired.

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