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A Note from Dori

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

Was Santa good to you? Don’t you just love Christmas and New Year’s?

It’s a great time of the year to celebrate life and count all of our blessings.

I am so thankful that I have my son Charlie, family members, friends, my team and YOU.

No matter how hard things can be, we can always find something to be thankful for.

On behalf of the entire InSPAration Management Team, we want to wish you a great New Year!

Are you ready for a New Year? I am!

We have a great year planned for you with many NEW and exciting business programs to help you grow your Medi Spa and Spa business exponentially.

In this issue, you will find the following:

Featured Article

Featured Article
Read the Featured Article and discover how to be part of the Millionaire’s Circle. If you are ready to take your business into this circle, you will need to Read more→

Bright Idea

Bright Ideas!

In the Bright Idea Join me for the NEW Soaring Ahead CoachMe Series and the CoachMe Expert Interview and learn how to improve your business. Not a member yet? Join now. Read more→

Dori Recommends

Dori Recommends

Attend the Leap Ahead Seminar and grow your business exponentially. Watch what Leap Ahead graduates are saying.Read more→

Events Calendar at a Glance


January 10th / 3:00 pm Eastern
Soaring Ahead – A New Series
Topic: Secrets To A Healthier Business

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January 30th / 3:00 pm Eastern
CoachMe Expert Interview with Yakov Savitskiy
Topic: Build Your Business with LinkedIn

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February 26th-28th
Leap Ahead Leadership Seminar
Orlando, Florida

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What’s New?

It's Your Time To Leap

Here is What’s NEW for this year at InSPAration Management

1. New CoachMe Series – Essential Success Principles. A 12-module series starting January 10th. Did you listen to the preview podcast I did for you? If not, Listen Now and Read more→

2. The Millionaire’s Circle. Your Blueprint to a 7-Figure Business and Beyond – A New Leadership Seminar – This new seminar is designed for business owners who desire to step up and be part of the Millionaires … Read more→

3. Strategic Day with Dori. Many members are requesting a one-on-one day with me, so I decided to make this available as an option for … Read more→

We are very excited to offer you these new programs and continue offering other existing popular ones. I invite you to participate in them and make all your dreams a reality!

Featured Article

It's Your Time To Leap

Step Up To The Millionaires’ Circle

As we welcome 2018, it’s important to take the time to assess your performance from 2017. How did you do? Did your business grow at the rate you wanted? Are you producing seven-figures or are you stuck in the 6 figures arena. No matter where you are, you can make the decision now to make 2018 your best year ever and Step Up to of the Millionaire’s Circle.

If you are ready, I am ready to help you. For the past 19 years I have been perfecting a 7-figure Spa and Medi Spa business model. Now I am ready to share it with more people who have the passion and the desire to reach a new level of success. That is why I decided to launch this new seminar, The Millionaires’ Circle: Your Blueprint to a 7 Figure Business and Beyond! In this article, you will receive a little preview on how and what you will need to do to step up into the 7-figure circle and beyond.

Watch & learn how these 8 strategies can elevate you to a 7-figure income!

1. Leave Normal Behind

Normal is a thing of the past. If you are normal, you are like everyone else. You want to be different so you need a new plan. A plan that differentiates you from the rest. A plan that positions you as the super star at what you do. To be the expert and the Go To Person in your community, leave normal behind and step into differentiation!

2. Sales Is Not a Dirty Little Word

If you are still without a sales model for your business, you will never enter the 7-figure club. Most businesses do not have a clear sales model on how they process leads, turn them into clients, get them to come back more often by creating customized programs, and prolonging the lifetime value of a client. Once you have a successful sales model that you apply – only then can you step up into the Millionaire’s Circle.

3. Traffic and Conversions

Article Image No, I am not talking about traffic on the highways… I am speaking about traffic coming into your Medi Spa or Spa. To have traffic, you need the latest marketing strategies that have been tested and proven effective. If you are counting on the old adage, “Build it and they will come” or only use a couple of marketing platforms, or posting on Facebook here and there and think you are marketing your business, think again. Generating Spa and Medi Spa traffic that convert into clients will set you free… traffic that will place you in the Millionaires’ Circle! Stop trying silly strategies that don’t work and get serious about your marketing efforts.

4. Attract Affluent Clients

If you want to be in the Millionaires Circle, you’ll need to attract the affluent. Stop discounting and stop competing on price. There are affluent people in every community. They like nice experiences. They don’t mind paying for quality and results. Why do you want to be cheap? Instead, compete on expertise and attract the affluent to you. You have a choice, you can go after quantity and be like Walmart, or go after quality and be like Neiman Marcus. The choice is yours. Your positioning plays a big role on whether you are in the Millionaire Circle or not.

5. Stop Reinventing The Wheel

Money Are you spinning your wheels trying to figure things out on your own? You might be able to figure something that works, but why guess and get lost? It’s like getting in the car and you want to drive from Florida to NY. You can go without your GPS or a map and try to find your way or you can lock in your destination and have GPS guide you. Which is the faster, hassle-free way? To get into the Millionaires Circle, you need a complete business model that includes: Structure, Systems, Strategies and Solutions to reach your goals. Without an Effective Spa or Medi Spa Business Model, you will flounder around and barely make ends meet. Stop reinventing the wheel and get your hands on a proven effective business model that works.

6. Invest in Education or Let Your Business Die

Coaching and training are like oxygen. Without them, you flat-line and sometimes die. If you don’t have a training curriculum for technical and business, you will never win a championship. Look at the NFL, the NBA or any sports team. The one big factor to their success is recruiting high performers and then coaching them. They don’t hire top performers then say, they are good enough so they don’t need any training or coaching. Right? So, why do you? In all the years I have been helping members of the Spa and Medi Spa industry, the one thing I find lacking is training and coaching the team. If you want to get into the Millionaire’s Circle, you will need to invest in educating yourself and your team.

I will stop here. This is a little sample of the challenges we will address during the Millionaires’ Circle Seminar. If you are ready to step up and are a serious professional, you should join us. If not, don’t bother please. I only want to work with true professionals who take this seriously, who will implement, and are committed to maximizing their success. If that’s you, call us to learn more and join us.

I am inviting all Leap Ahead Graduates to attend the first Millionaires’ Circle.

Join us for The Millionaire’s Circle complimentary preview podcast January 10th at 2PM EST

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Bright Idea

Bright Idea

Grow Your Business with NEW CoachMe Programs!

Experience the NEW Soaring Ahead CoachMe Program.
If you are ready to make 2018 your best year ever, you owe it to yourself to join this new series.

Discover Secrets To A Healthier Business

Module One, January 10th at 4PM EST.

Soaring Ahead Cds Entrepreneurs go into business for themselves because they want more freedom, take more time off and make more money. That was the goal but unfortunately, it’s not reality. Most just buy themselves a job. They work harder, longer and for less money. What’s wrong with this picture? Are you one of them? Does your Medi Spa or Spa Business lack Structure, Strategies, Systems and Solutions to be more successful? Stop spending so much time trying to reinvent the wheel. In this module, you will discover easy tweaks you can implement in your business model to help you gain solid financial health.

Learn More & Join Us! →

CoachMe Expert Banner

Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn As you know, monthly I invite and interview experts to provide you with new strategies. This month, I invited Yakov Savitskiy. Yakov is a LinkedIn expert and author who will share secrets to help you attract professionals from LinkedIn and get them to become clients. If you are not utilizing LinkedIn, you should. LinkedIn is filled with the right type of clientele you desire.

Are you a CoachMe Expert member? If not, join now. It’s a complimentary membership! Read More →

Missed the last interview with Craig Philip about Marketing Your Business with Videos? Watch It Now →.

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Dori Recommends

CoachMe Expert Banner

Watch what the Leap Ahead Graduates Have to Say.

For years, I have been conducting the Leap Ahead seminar and over 1,000 professionals have graduated.

Don’t take our word for it, see what graduates are saying about The Leap Ahead Seminar.

What you will receive at The Leap Ahead Seminar:

  • The Blueprint to Success
  • A Proven Effective Marketing Plan
  • A Performance Based Compensation Model
  • A Budget
  • Don’t Sell, Recommend – Audio
  • Team Building with CLARITI – Audio
  • Guest Relations – Audio

20 Strategies Book

Click Here to download the 20 Strategies Audio and Book to learn more about The Leap Ahead Seminar and how it will impact your business.

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Leap Ahead

Leap Ahead – Spa & Medi Spa Seminar

Join us February 26th-28th and make your business soar!

Special Pricing – $1,895

Regular Pricing – $2,950

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CoachMe – Soaring Ahead

Module One starts January 10th!

Special Pricing – $89/mo

Regular Pricing – $149/mo

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