Are you a workaholic?

Do you work all the time, with little or no time for anything else? 

We get so wrapped up in the rat race. Going, going, going… that many of us are workaholics. 


According to Webster, the true definition of a workaholic is someone with a compulsive need to work. They can’t help themselves.  They have things they think they need to do and they do them. 

This week has been a very busy week for me… many things to accomplish with many deadlines. Waking up early and working late.  A new InSPAration Management client From Active Orthopedic got me thinking this week about my work habits.  I sent him some emails late night, a few nights in a row.  One night, he wrote back with three words “do you sleep”?  few more late emails… he replied, “You don’t sleep do you?”  So it got me thinking about my work schedule and my life balance… Am I a workaholic?  If you ask my family they will tell you yes.  But workaholics are often in denial, just like me. Everyone says you need balance in your life.  Easy to say, hard to practice.


I met my friend Carla this afternoon in Winter Park. We sat outside to have an early dinner.  Carla is the president of the Esthetics Association Florida.  We were talking about business first and then got personal only to find out that she is a workaholic too.  She goes to sleep at 11:30pm and wakes up at 4:00 in the morning to work.  How many of us are out there?  Why do we keep this type of lifestyle?  Not much room for fun, play, entertainment, love etc.

We need a workaholic association that will teach us how to stop working and goof off.  I don’t want to say have fun because to a workaholic work is fun.  We need lessons in how to be goofy, be playful and just relax. 

Here I am, a person in the spa industry, in and out of spas all of time. I take care of myself, but it all has to be super fast.  For example, last week my friend Cheryl who owns the Day Spa @ Pelican Bay invited me to get a manicure, a pedicure and try her new Oxxium gel nails.  What did I say?  How long will it take?  So I decided to get only a manicure.  I drove the poor nail tech crazy by being impatient because it took 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes.  So yes, I am a workaholic because I can’t stop enough to enjoy a spa treatment.  Are you as bad as I am? If you are, maybe we can develop a how to relax club and learn how we can have more balance in our life.  It’s Easter Weekend…Speaking to all my workaholics friends, take time this weekend to JUST RELAX! Happy Easter! 


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