Spa VPG Success. (Volume per Guest)

I have to tell you about Beth Pestotnick with Skin Essentials in Colorado.  I started working with Beth in Nov of last year. She hired our firm to help her with executive coaching.  She was already doing many things right, but she knew she could even be doing better. Beth wanted to make a solid plan for success and take her business to the next level.  Her goals included expanding her business, increase her revenue, maximize her capacity, get her team to stretch and become better performers.  She also wanted to get a better hand on her finances. We formulated her budget and changed the compensation plan to our VPG ComPlan.

When we implement the VPG ComPlan with clients, the first step of the process is to discover the teams’ current VPG. We send a pre-calculated excel spread sheet so they can enter their service, retail volume and number of guests. It automatically calculates every person’s VPG, each dept’s VPG and the spa as a whole.   This is where I was so surprised.  Beth and her teams’ VPG where already far higher than anyone I had worked with!  Their service VPG was $94 and their retail VPG was $88.  Those were incredible numbers.  Normally, day spa VPG for service is $60 to $70. Retail is lucky to be around $25, and that’s usually on the high side.  I was so amazed, I called Beth to see if her numbers were accurate. She said, “Yes, I double checked everything.” I thought, “Wow, that is incredible! And here, she wants to do even better!” 

I wish more people were like Beth.  So we started working together. We redid her menu, came up with marketing strategies, calculated her budget, implemented a new compensation plan and more… But the best news came last week during our coaching session.  Beth wanted to compare how much her team is making under the new complan verses her old plan. To do that, we had to discuss VPGs.  This is where I fell off my chair!

Beth’s VPG went through the roof.  Her VPGs were the highest I have ever calculated!  $198 for retail and their service VPG was over $130!!!

2009                                       2010                       Increase

Service             $ 94                                        $135                       $62%

Retail               $88                                        $198                       124%


That is incredible!  It just goes to show, you can improve what you measure.  Beth began tracking VOLUME PER GUEST when we started working together, and now look at her numbers!  Her entire team is focused on VPG and has bought into the program.

Congratulations to Beth and her entire team for doing such a great job!  You have the highest Retail VPG numbers I have ever seen!!!  

What can we take from this success story?  Through desire, dedication, coaching and commitment everything is possible.  If Beth and her team at Skin Essentials can do that, so can you!!

I am so proud of her accomplishments and our InSPAration Management coaching programs.  Deep in my heart, I wish our entire spa industry would change their compensation plan to the VPG Complan and begin delivering better experiences and fulfilling their client’s needs while elevating revenue per guest. You can do that too! Reach out to a professional coach and exceed your own expectations!

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