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Happy December!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2014. Are you ready for this? Ready or not, here we go again! We have had such an exciting year! We helped so many spa professionals grow their business, and we also grew 51%! We just moved into a new office building that we bought. We are so thankful for all of you for being part of the InSPAration Management community and for putting your trust in us! We look forward to having a great 2015 where we can all prosper together again!

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The featured article this month is about How To Do An Annual Spa Business Assessment. Now that the year is just about over, it’s time to make plans for your 2015 success.

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Let’s finish this year off strong and make 2015 the best year yet!

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To improve your business, you must measure and assess performance. Conducting a business assessment is essential on a monthly and annual basis. Though many spa professionals know they need to do this, we often find spa owners who don’t even see their P&L statement regularly.

In this article, you will discover the most important reports and business functions you must assess on a regular basis in order to grow your spa business.

  1. Your product cost
    Request a cost per treatment analysis from your vendors and make sure you are pricing your treatments properly. Use the Treatment Pricing Calculator that I gave you as a gift to determine your profit potential. It’s a great tool that will help you understand how to price treatments & increase profits.
  2. Your operating cost
    From your P&L statement, you can manage your operating cost. Make sure you have a comprehensive chart of accounts to help you interpret all of your expenses. If you don’t have a budget, get your budget now so you will have a clear expense outline to help you manage your cash flow.
  3. Your compensation cost
    Implement a performance-based compensation model to help you maximize your revenue per guest and gain control over your compensation cost.
  4. Your overall financial ratios
    Balance your financial ratios. Make sure you have at least a double-digit profit line.
  5. Your guest experience & menu
    Run spa business reports to learn about the most popular and least popular treatments. Replace the least popular ones with new options. Assess your spa menu design and copy, as well as your concept and positioning. Revisit all your rituals, protocols, and overall guest experience.
  6. Your spa facility
    Your spa is an important part of the guest experience.
    Assess cleanliness, flow, organization, scent,
    lighting, etc. It must be warm and inviting.
  7. Your spa team image and skills
    Your team image and skills can make or break your spa.
    Your team’s performance is a direct reflection on
    retention. Send in a secret shopper to ensure your
    team is following your protocols and that they are
    highly skilled.
  8. Your training efforts, training manuals
    Team training is essential to your success. Having spa training manuals
    makes your life easier and provides you with consistency, accuracy, and growth.
  9. Your spa marketing efforts
    You need to know the cost of new client acquisition and campaign effectiveness. Knowing your return on investment is very important. Assess your spa marketing plan. Don’t have one? We do!
  10. Your online presence
    Your spa website is where your potential clients are most likely to find you first. How effective is your website? Your website needs to generate leads, increase spa revenue, and engage your visitors. Also, your website needs to be optimized so consumers can find you. Need help? We can SEO your website for you or build a new spa website.
  11. Your reputation
    Online review management assessment. How many stars do you have on Yelp and other review sites? Social proof can help you build your business.
  12. Your guest retention
    How good is your retention? Track your retention rate. If it’s not what it should be, you should look at your guest experience, your team’s skills, and your protocols.

  13. Your products—professional and retail
    Measure how effective your products are for both treatments and retail.
  14. Your VPG – Volume per guest averages
    Assess your upgrade and enhancement menu. Make sure your spa team is
    upgrading and selling retail products
  15. Your P&L Statement
    Look at your P&L statement and check out your ratios. Make sure you
    have a healthy spa business. If your profit margin is not in the
    double digits, make necessary adjustments.
    Use QuickBooks or another
    type of accounting software to produce your P&L statement and other
    fundamental financial reports.
  16. Your spa reception department
    Your reception department is a key department within your organization.
    It must be focused on generating revenue. Monitor your
    call-to-reservation ratio, your upgrade
    opportunities, and your retail sales. Assess your call management,
    guest check-in, and guest
    check-out experience.
  17. Your spa boutique merchandising and retail mix
    Assess your retail sales. Run reports to learn about the most successful products and the least desirable products. Calculate your profit per square foot and your turnover rate.
  18. Your spa culture
    Company culture is key to attracting and hiring the ideal team. Your culture will attract professionals who will help you grow. Assess your culture and learn how your team feels about your organization
  19. Your spa concept
    Assess your fulfillment offering to your target market. Do you need to introduce new treatments and tap into new revenue streams to help you earn more and be more profitable?
  20. Employee retention
    Do you have a revolving door? Remember, people don’t quit jobs. They quit managers. Hiring new people is very costly. Calculate your employee retention rate and see how you can improve it. If you need help with team issues, check out the CoachMe Gold Spa Management Essentials series where I train your team for you.
  21. Your leadership skills
    This is most important. Are you an effective leader? The more
    you invest in your education, the better off your organization
    will be. Join a high-level coaching group or a mastermind group.
    These types of programs always separate the average from the
  22. Your structure
    Your organizational structure should be part of your growth plan. Chart a career path for your team so they can be motivated and grow with your company.
  23. Your growth plan
    This is the biggest must. People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan. Annually, you need to revisit your spa’s strategic growth plan to make sure you are on course. Need a Spa Business Plan? We have one!

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