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Video is a great way to market your business! As a spa, you have many opportunities to get the video camera out and document what you do.
Here are some examples of what you can film and post on your YouTube Channel:
• Film your spa treatments.
• Before and after treatment results.
• You can get guest testimonials on film.
• You can film your spa events.
• You can film an interview with you or other experts.
• You can review spa products and treatments.

As you see, the options are endless. Here is what we did. We created a new website called and I am posting mini-bite-size training sessions because I want to help you with your business. First, we post the video on YouTube and then we post it on SPA BIZ TV.   Finally, we share the link on social media sites such as Facebook.



Visit and watch the episode on how to implement a consultation system within your spa so you can increase your capacity!
I encourage you to take the camera out and start filming! A DIY tip you can use without spending a fortune hiring a professional videographer. If you need more help, ask us!

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