Host a Holiday Event









Events are great to generate buzz, increase revenue, gain new clients, and recognize your loyal ones. Ideally, you want to host your event prior to Thanksgiving. But if you can’t, you want to do it at the beginning of December before everyone gets really busy and then you get dropped off the priority list.

To host a successful event, you need to plan it and market it appropriately. Schedule a team meeting and brainstorm together. You need to define the who, where, why, how, what,
and so on…

To have a successful event, you need a theme, specific type of food, beverages, entertainment, and offers.

Make sure your plan is clear.
Once you decide on the plan, then you have to do your invitation and launch your marketing efforts to ensure that people will show up. This is the biggest problem I see when spas host events… the show rate.

Your event marketing plan should include: Posters, flyers, emails, social media posts, team efforts, and most importantly, your reception team keeping a list of RSVPs.

The other important part of planning your event is what your offer will be that evening. What do you want to sell? What is the benefit, the added value… what is going to cause people to spend money?
Create your spa dollars and your clear offer, and make sure everyone on the team is promoting that offer. Set your financial goals and go for it.

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What events are you planning this holiday season?  Comment below.

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