Where Can I Send My Estheticians For Advanced Training?



“Where Can I Send My Estheticians For Advanced Training?”

Hi there, Dori Soukup here, with another Question of the Week. This week’s question came to us from Dr. Jamison. He’s asking, “Where Can I Send My Estheticians For Advanced Training?”

That’s a great question. We have not had that question asked yet. I’m so happy that you asked that. I have the perfect answer for you.

I have this friend and colleague. Her name is Jaclyn Peresetsky. She just launched a brand-new university to help estheticians advance their education and become true experts at what they do. I want to invite you to go and check it out. It’s SkinPerfectUniversity.com. You’ll find online educational courses and one-day courses.

Actually, you can send them to Skin Perfect Academy to learn and enhance their skills. Not only do they educate them on doing aesthetics, they also have advanced education for lashes and for makeup.

As a matter of fact, Jaclyn also owns Colore Me Perfect, which is an amazing makeup line that you should definitely bring into your place. It’s totally unique, and it has a beautiful experience attached to it.

I just love what she does. She’s an entrepreneur, she’s extremely innovative, and she knows exactly how to advance a business through education. She also owns a few medical spas herself. So, this woman does it all. She’s as busy as I am. That’s why I love her so much.

I encourage you to go check out her information and see how you can enhance your esthetician’s performance through the education programs that they provide.

Again, it’s SkinPerfectUniversity.com and ColoreMePerfect.com. Check them both out, give Jaclyn a call and I’m sure she’ll be able to help you.

If you also have a question, make sure you send it to info@InSPArationManagement.com so we can help answer it.

I hope you found this beneficial.

Until next time, stay inspired!

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