February 2015-Thinking Big And Seeing the Big Picture

A note from Dori

Happy February!

Love is in the air this month. Have you planned some fun and loving programs for your clients and yourself? We have! This month, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are providing some amazing strategies to help you with your business.

First, we want to congratulate InSPAration Management’s Biggest Gainers for the year. This is the second annual contest and we are happy to announce that many spa professionals in the InSPAration community are doing great! We have chosen the top winners from each category. Read more to see who won.

Have you been limiting your potential? Read this month’s Featured Article and start Thinking Big! Learn secrets to help you reach your true potential. Read more.

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We are launching a new InSPAration Moments section called Product Spotlight. Monthly, we will feature one product that we like and that will help you!

On behalf of the entire InSPAration Management team, we wish you a Happy February filled with prosperity and love!

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Thursday, February 5th

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Many books have been written about how thoughts affect your life. Everything begins with a thought. It can be small, big, negative, positive, etc. You decide. It’s also a known fact that if you believe you can, you will. And if you believe you can’t, you won’t. Either way, you are right. With all the studies that have been done on this topic, and the results that have been presented, I am surprise to still see people not think in a big or positive way.

First Step:
Change your thinking. To grow your spa business and to be more successful, you have to change your current thinking. Become a better thinker. Expose yourself to constructive input, associate with the right people, think uplifting and happy thoughts, and have a positive outlook on life.

The Right Thought + The Right People in The Right Environment at The Right Time for The Right Reason = The Right Results. – John Maxwell

Second Step:
Create, clarify, and see the big picture. What are you attempting to accomplish? You need to paint every aspect of the big picture and define your ultimate vision.

Third Step:
Dream about your vision. Many people don’t dream about the big picture. You should. When you dream big, even if you don’t make your ultimate dream a reality, you will still make it part of your reality.

Fourth Step:
Know your gifts. Make a list of all your gifts and assets and use them to help make your big picture a reality.

Fifth Step:
Add value to what you currently do. When you add value to your position, no matter what your current position, you are guaranteed a path to make your big picture a reality. The more value you add, the closer you will get.

Sixth Step:
Dare to be different. Don’t be like everyone else. Many people are happy with average. Average is just that.
You want to be the best of the best, and that requires different actions.

Seventh Step:
Planning your day helps plan your success. Live by your calendar. Don’t just react to what comes up during the day. Instead, focus on what you want to accomplish.

Some of the greatest human accomplishments started with a dream; John F. Kennedy dreamt of sending people to the moon, and they did, even though most thought it was not possible. We all know that Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and his dream has allowed us to make significant strides over the last century. He certainly didn’t just say, “I have an idea!” It just wouldn’t have the same meaning, would it?

Remember, everything is possible when you have a dream. You work hard, you commit to your cause, and you dedicate yourself to making your big dream a reality.

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Congratulate the following InSPAration Management Members

Day Spa

Amy Hathcox – Up 83%
Leap Ahead GraduateCoachMe Gold Member

Solopreneur & Expanding To Day Spa

Jacqueline Dube – Up 393%
Leap Ahead GraduateCoachMe Gold Member

Resort Spa

Rhonda Mordecai – Up 51%
Leap Ahead GraduateCoachMe Platinum & Gold MemberDone For Me Marketing Member

Medi Spa

Randy Vawdrey – Up 66%
Leap Ahead GraduateCoachMe Platinum
& Gold Member

Wow! Their performance was so outstanding!

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    Happy Valentines Day!

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