The Power of Mastermind Groups

August 2018

Dori Soukup

The 12 Apostles in Victoria, Australia

Hello August,


Is it vacation time for you?

I recommend going to Australia!  It was so much fun visiting Melbourne, spending time with Charlie and getting him ready to attend Melbourne University. I am so happy to be able to do that for him.  I took two weeks between conferences and seminars to give him this life experience. The things we do for our children.


We all work very hard. … It’s important to take time out and spend time with the family. 


Now, I am back to work.  In this issue, you will find new and exciting tools to help you grow your Medi Spa and Spa business so you can make more money.



Important Dates

August 8th Soaring Ahead Module 8

Topic: The Consultation Process


August 25th-26th CoachMe Platinum Meeting


August 28th CoachMe Expert

Austin Podowski

Topic: How to Maximize Your Revenue by Implementing Aesthetic Imaging

In This Issue

Read the Featured Article and discover How To Transform Your Reception Department. Or as I call it, “Guest Relations Department.”  This team can either make or break your business.  What can you do to make sure they are performing? Read more


Bright Idea. The Power of a Mastermind Group. Read this Bright Idea and see how belonging to a Mastermind Group will help your business grow exponentially. Have you… Read more


In Dori Recommends Sales, Sales and more Sales. How good is your sales model? Are you generating the revenue you could be generating or could you use a better sales model? When I start working with a new Spa or Medi Spa, one of the first things we assess is… Read more

Bright Idea
The Power Of A Mastermind Group


Bright Idea


Have you read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?  One of the principles he talks about is the power of a Mastermind Group and how it affects your business growth. Let’s start with defining Mastermind. 


Mastermind Groups are unknown to most people, even though Napoleon Hill created the concept around 75 years ago with his book.  A Mastermind Group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

I have belonged to Mastermind Groups almost my entire professional life.  The reason I belong to them is because there is nothing more powerful than being part of a like-minded group of successful people who are experts that learn from one another.

6 Reasons to Join a Mastermind Group:

1. You’ll be part of an exclusive and successful community. Joining a group like CoachMe Platinum involves you being invited to join the group.

2. Gives you a sense of belonging. Once you are involved in a Mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is history. The other members are there for you and you are there for them.

3. Collaboration & Innovation. The group works together collaboratively to achieve more together.

4. Continued education. Learning from the leader and from each other.

5. Big goals and achievements. Being in a Mastermind will help you stretch and reach a new level of success.

6. Being part of a Mastermind Group is incredible and can do wonders for your business as well as for you personally.


Bright Idea


If you have never belonged to one, we invite you to discover the CoachMe Platinum Program we offer.  It is filled with successful Medi Spa and Spa owners who are eager to share and learn from other owners. This program is not for everyone.  It’s for serious players who are ready to take action and grow their business.  Click Here to learn more.

Featured Article 

Time To Transform Your Reception Department


Guest Relations


Rate the calls as A, B, or C.  Here are the criteria you should use to rate your call management:


  • Tone of voice
  • Communication skills
  • Menu knowledge and recommendations
  • Ability to convert callers into appointments
  • Ability to reserve a consultation
  • Avoid discussing pricing
  • Handling objections
  • Reservation process efficiency
  • Maximizing revenue by avoiding lowest priced treatments
  • Helping you reach your revenue targets

If you are ready to transform your reception department into an effective, revenue generating Guest Relations Team, we are ready to help you!  Discover the New Guest Relations audio to improve your call management and your check-in and check-out process.


Guest Relations Manual


Say goodbye to order takers, say hello to maximized revenue and enhanced guest experiences!



Guest Relations Bundle


Transform Your Medi Spa & Spa Guest Relations Department

This is a great training program ideal for your team.  You will receive over 3 hours of audio & the manual filled with structure, systems, & scripts to transform your team from order takers to revenue generators. Purchase now and make more money!

The Manual & Audio


Guest Relations Bundle



Missed The Aesthetic Show At The Wynn In Vegas Last Month?

Watch Dori give a lecture on How to Make Money Online with your Medi Spa!

“This is an amateur video” recording, but the content is great!  Enjoy!


Guest Relations Bundle


Have you subscribed to the InSPAration Management YouTube Channel? No? Do it now!

Dori Recommends

Sales, Sales & More Sales


Soaring Ahead


How good is your sales model? Are you generating the revenue you could be generating or you could use a better sales model? When I start working with a new Spa or Medi Spa, one of the first things we assess is space capacity and revenue generation.  Then I ask about their sales model and not many have a specific method to generate revenue.  Having a sales model is one of the most important business structures to ensure your success.


In the most recent Soaring Ahead module, I shared how to implement an effective business model. We discussed a process you must have:


  • Mindset: Your own and your team’s
  • Overall sales goals
  • Team goals: By department and by individual
  • Sales model: Your process to generate sales
  • Sales measurements
  • Team rewards and consequences

If you are ready to improve your sales, get your hands on this module.  Implement the content and you will see a major improvement in your Medi Spa and Spa sales!



Business Events



The Millionaires Circle


The Millionaires’ Circle

October 1-3


Become Published


Become Published

October 20-21


Leap Ahead


Leap Ahead
October 22-24


Upcoming CoachMe Expert


CoachMe Expert


Maximize Your Revenue by Implementing Aesthetic Imaging 

If you are not taking before and after photos, you are leaving 30% of your revenues on the table.


In the digital information technology age, connecting your clients to their results has never been more relevant.

Join us and discover how to utilize photos during the consultation to help connect, educate, and build a foundation of trust with your clients. 

This process will lead to maximized revenue and happier guests.


Carmen Brodie


Did you miss the last CoachMe Expert?  


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How To Succeed With Tattoo Removal


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