Successfully Host Large Groups

It’s no secret that hosting large spa groups can be a challenge.  From last minute appointment changes, to part of the group running late, hosting a large group can be a roller coaster ride for the behind the scenes spa team. However, you can make your spa a hot spot for large groups by remembering these five tips take a look:
1.)   Assign A Point of Contact

There is nothing worse than having too many hands in the pot when booking a large spa group.  Make it easy by appointing a special events coordinator at your spa.  This person is responsible for ironing out all the details for large group visits. Similarly, have one liaison for the group to arrange services and details of the visit; this cuts down on confusion and helps things go smoothly for the group and your spa staff.

2.)   Have A Contract

For groups of five or more I highly suggest having a contract. This helps protect against last minute cancellations and changes. Things to consider for group contracts include: deposits, gratuity and enhancements for services.

3.)   Designate An Area For Large Groups

If you can reserve a specific area for group events, then I recommend doing so.  This allows for other patrons visiting the spa to enjoy your amenities without distraction. It also provides an additional level of intimacy and exclusivity for the group.

4.)   Remind Guests To Be On Time

It is very important that large groups run on time.  Remind your technicians that if the group is running late, they may have to modify their services. Also, advise the group that services may be modified if they are running late. A good place to include these details would be in the contract.

5.)   Make Group Visit’s Special

Be sure to make group visits special.  Find out important details such as birthdays, bridal celebrations and other special milestones. Include personalized touches such as cake or cake pops for birthdays and champagne or juice spritzers for bridal parties and other special events.

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