Spas with Island Flair

Last week, I was training the Sandals Resorts’ spa teams in Antigua and St Lucia.  If you are looking for a romantic get away this summer, either one is a great choice.  The romantic sunsets and the gentle ocean breeze makes it perfect for rest and relaxation.  But the best part of your vacation will be experiencing a massage on the beach,  which happens to be Sandals’ Red Lane spas most requested treatment!  Red Lane is Sandals’ and Beaches’ spa brand.  They have the most hospitable team…. they totally exceed your expectations!

The training focused on maximizing the spa’s revenue and enhancing the guest experience.  One thing I love about the Sandals organization is their focus and commitment to training and team development.  I wish more organizations did that.  Continuous Training is one of the most important factors to the success of any organization, yet many companies are very quick to cut their training budget first.  That’s like having a professional sports team say “we are still going to play but we are cutting our coaches, we are going to train less, but we still expect to win games”.  How long would a professional team stay in business if they did that? Not long…

So ask yourself, how much focus are you giving coaching and training at your workplace?  If you are unhappy with the team’s performance,  take a look at your training efforts and make necessary changes.   Here is a training tip for you:  Training does not have to be very time consuming or difficult if you focus on one message per week. Using this simple strategy can enhance your performance significantly.  For example, this week focus on CROSS PROMOTING and teach them how to do it effectively. I think Spa Directors need to see themselves as head coaches and spend time teaching the team skills that will help everyone succeed.

Training helps keep the team focused and driven towards the ultimate goal!  You can do it internally, but also seek outside training assistance. They are economical and very effective.  So go ahead, come up with a training curriculum and a training schedule. Help your organization reach new heights!

I want to thank the Sandals’ teams for their hospitality and participation in our training. I wish all of you great success!

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