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Did you take Friday off, giving yourself a long 4th of  July weekend?  It’s nice to have a 3 day weekend that many of us turn into a mini vacation!  There is a lot happening in my neck of the woods this weekend,  the biggest being the Daytona 400 race.  As I was leaving Daytona heading to Orlando this afternoon, race fans were already getting ready for the festivities.  I wish all of you a very safe and a happy Independence Day! 

While we are talking  about independence, the word has a couple of meanings:

1. Is to be independent, having freedom from the influence, control or determination of another person. 

2. Income sufficient for a livelihood.  This led me to think about  independence in the business world,  in particular, within the spa industry.

I am always working towards helping spa owners and spa entrepreneurs become  more independent by addressing their challenges and offering them systems, structure and strategies to insure their success.  I want to share with you one of the strategies I discussed in this week’s spa executive coaching sessions.

Spa Coaching Tip:  How to Effectively Sell a Series of Spa Treatments

When spas attempt to sell series, they expect the client to pay for all the treatments upfront and at once.  This approach may have worked in the past, but it won’t work during these difficult economical days.  Therefore; treatment series sales suffer and typically fade away.

Here is my recommendation:  Offer 6 treatments and receive the 7th for free, but allow them to  “pay for the first and last treatment only”.  Place a period of time the treatments must be used and schedule all of them. Give them the opportunity to pay for the in between treatments as they use them.  This method allows you to gain cash flow and fill your reservation slots.  Everyone Wins!

To help you promote the series program, create a flyer explaining the program and train your team on how to present it, especially your receptionists.

Frequently, when spa directors tell me we offer series, I say that’s great! and ask,  “How do I find out about them? Who is promoting them? How many are you selling?”  Usually, the answer is no one and no revenue is generated from it.  Remember, spa marketing is a never ending process. You must continuously promote your services and products in order to succeed!

We would love to hear how this spa coaching strategy works for you, let us know!
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