The Secret to Increasing Your Spa Sales Without Selling Anything

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Fact: It costs you five times more to acquire a new client than to keep existing ones who are already buying products and treatments from your spa.

You get more sales from these established relationships, too.

There is a wealth of potential for more retail sales and upgrade opportunities in these relationships by discovering your guests’ needs and expectations.

So what do they look forward to when guests enter your treatment rooms? They want to step out relaxed and stress-free, of course. Ultimately, they want to look and feel great.

That is why when your guest is on a pedi/mani chair, for example, listen to their chatter. There is a good chance they are airing out lifestyle problems—what stresses them about their looks, health, and general well-being.

When they do, that is your cue to recommend spa products and treatment upgrades because they are turning to you for advice. They trust you and your professional experience of providing solutions to their problems. When your guests trust you, recommendations are a natural result.

At the heart of your advice is a way out of a stressful situation. Key to trust-based selling is educating your guests in how to quickly ease their pain. But it may also mean sharing a mix of maintenance tips, and spa treatments or products that are not currently on the spa menu. Your goal is to provide a benefit, not a hard sell. Selling creates immediate objections in your guest’s mind. Recommending solutions, meanwhile, keeps your customers open to suggestions.

Make sure you’re helping people figure out what they need to maintain the results they are already enjoying between spa visits. When you are suggesting, your capitalizing on your spa’s established reputation of making people look and feel better—their basic goal in visiting your spa. The customer is happy. Your bottom line is happy. It’s a win-win!


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