4 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Spa Profits

When your spa team thinks of sales, something terrible comes to mind. Let’s face it: No one really likes to sell. Your team would rather provide a great spa experiespa sales dollars photonce. Selling is for the brave.

If you want stellar spa growth rates year after year, you need to focus on sales. No sales means no profits, and no profits means you might as well close your spa now.

Seasoned salespeople have plans—dollar goals and strategies on how to acquire leads and how to turn them into buying clients. They have a sales model.

1. Spa professionals must have a Spa Sales Model—the blueprint of your sales efforts. Without it you’re operating your spa business with the Hit-and-Miss Sales Model—if you hit at something often enough, you may not miss your revenue goals this time. (Good luck with that!)

2. Your spa sales blueprint must include a plan on creating new sales streams. It is true that you should do more of what works, and throw away those that failed. It is equally true that you should always have new ways to make more money.

3. So, revisit your programs—new members, loyalty programs, referrals, joint ventures—and revitalize them. Add offers to existing programs, or introduce new ones if you do not have them yet.

4. Link compensation to performance. Reward your team MVP—the top producer—for contributing to increased sales through higher product or treatment upgrade recommendations. Learn about the VPG Volume Per Guest compensation model and boost your profits.

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