Six Ways to Improve Your Website


Could your website use a little boost? Maybe you’re just starting a website and you need some tips, or maybe you’ve had one for years but are looking to improve. Here are six key questions to help you identify improvements to make your website more effective:

1. Is your website more than just an online brochure?

A lot of people make the mistake of creating a website that is nothing more than an online brochure. If potential clients happen to find it, they may read for less than a minute, and then leave with no intention of ever coming back. These types of websites kill your efforts of making an online presence. They lack engagement and communication.

2. Is your website engaging your visitors?

Many websites I have seen don’t give consumers the opportunity to build a relationship. You need to engage with your audience as soon as they arrive to your home page. You can do this by including rich content and conversation-starters on your website.

3. Is your website helping build your client list?

I rarely see a spa’s home page that collects people’s information. Getting information is a great tool that can help build your client list and database. Go to and see all the ways we engage visitors.

We have:

  1. The CoachMe Silver complimentary entry
  2. Ask a coach
  3. Take an assessment
  4. Register to win
  5. Subscribe to InSPAration Moments — your business partner e-zine

We have five ways to capture new visitor’s information and begin building relationships. How many do you have?

4. Is your website copy capturing visitors’ attention?

In most cases, spa website content lacks a call to action. Is your copy clear and focused on benefits? In most cases, spa website content lacks a call to action or complimentary offers to entice your visitors to opt-in your list. Are you sharing information that is important to your visitors? Are you helping them solve their problems and challenges? We have several complimentary calls, webinars, articles, newsletters, and so much more to keep visitors coming back!

5. Is your website generating revenue?

Large sums of revenue can be generated from your website, if marketed properly. Selling gift cards and products online is a great revenue source to increase your overall profits. We make the shopping experience super special. We have two methods: Shop by Category, or View all Biztools.

6. Do you track and measure your website visits?

Google Analytics is a free service you can sign up for to see how much traffic you receive on your website and how long people are staying once they visit your page. Tracking your performance is the key to knowing why you need to make changes. Take the time to review how good your website is performing and make it better!!


Your Website Working for You

Grow your spa business by implementing Your Website Working For You! This CD will help you gain knowledge on how to create a more effective and engaging website that will help you generate revenue.

How many of the six tips above are you implementing? What changes do you need to make to your website? Leave a comment below!

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