Seven Steps to Enhance Your Leadership


1. What is most important to you as a leader?
I ask this question a lot at our Leap Ahead Seminars and I get a variety of answers. Some say setting a good example, being a good communicator, helping the team, or providing an excellent guest experience. The list goes on, but what I don’t hear enough is to have a successful business! Shouldn’t this be the most important thing? Make a list of what is most important to you as a leader and share this with your team. Have them write down what is most important to them, and hang this list up in the team lounge. This is a wonderful exercise to encourage teamwork.

2. What is one “problem” you can turn into an opportunity?
You know the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Are there lemons in your spa? How can you turn them into lemonade? Problems allow you to grow, making you stronger and improving your skills. Don’t sweep problems under the rug and expect them go go away. One question I am asked a lot is, “How do I motivate my team?” One of my answers to this is to allow your team to participate in problem-solving. This makes them feel important, and that you value their input. It will get them focused and keep them motivated.

3. What does my team need to hear from me?
Communication is one of the most important leadership skills to have. If you were a team member, what would you think of yourself as a leader? Sometimes, how we see ourselves is not how others see us. Take a good look at yourself, and examine what messages you are sending to your team. What kind of leader are you? A positive one? One who communicates your vision? Think from your spa team’s point of view. If they don’t feel understood, they won’t listen to you. Resist the urge to tell them how to think or feel. Remember, inspiration comes from the heart!

4. As a leader, do you know your clients’ greatest needs?
Have you assessed your menu lately to see which treatments you need to stop offering, and which ones you need to add to your menu? Have you done a guest survey recently to discover if their needs are being met? When’s the last time you looked at those guest comment cards? Get a focus group together, discover which changes you need to make, then offer solutions to address your guests’ needs.

5. What new business relationships should you pursue?
The spa industry is shifting from ‘pampering’ to wellness. You can make this shift easier by establishing business relationships. Go out and meet other wellness professionals who can partner with you and provide wellness programs. These are the types of business relationships to focus on, so that you can position your spa in a new light.

6. How can you be more strategic?
Take a look at the big picture and get serious about outlining which direction you’re headed in. Share this information with your spa team. Schedule some time on your calendar for strategic planning. Have a brainstorming session, chart your path. You can’t just sit back and expect things to be great on their own. You need to have a map so you can navigate.

7. What leadership skill can you improve?
How often do you invest in sharpening your skills as a leader? You know the saying, “The more you learn, the more you earn!” If you need to improve your leadership skills, I recommend Coach Me Gold Spa Business Success. It is ideal for spa owners and leaders who want to build a solid business foundation by learning proper business systems, financial structure, and effective growth strategies.

Leap Ahead

The InSPAration Leap Ahead Seminar is a 3-day seminar where you will learn proven methods to enhance your leadership skills and take your spa or medi spa business to the next level.

What’s the most important thing to you as a leader? Tell us in the comments!

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