Referrals, Retention and Reactivation: The 3 Rs


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably always looking for new ways to increase revenue and enhance performance. A great place to start is by focusing on the 3 Rs:

1. Referrals
2. Retention
3. Reactivation

I could spend hours telling you about the 3 Rs. But for now, I’ll give you a few strategies that will produce immediate results for your business.

1. Referrals: Whether you’re a business owner, a solopreneur or a doctor, you need to be focusing on generating leads. If every one of your clients referred just one person, you would double your business! Need I go on about how important referrals are? What about you? What is your referral strategy?

Generating referrals is easy if you:
a. Write a script for your team on how to ask for referrals.
b. Set expectations for each team member on the number of referrals to be generated per week.
c. Track and recognize positive performance.

2. Retention: When I ask spa leaders what their retention rate is, many of them either take a guess, or don’t know at all. Do you know what your retention rate is? I hope so! Retention is a direct reflection of the quality of guest experiences you deliver at your spa. Assess your experiences and track your retention rate. Get together a focus group, survey your clients, and get them to fill out guest feedback forms.

3. Reactivation: You probably have some guests that you haven’t seen in a while. Are you reaching out to try to get them to come back? If not, you need to launch a reactivation campaign. Make a list of everyone who has not visited your spa or medi spa in a while, and invite them back! Find out the reason for their absence, and host a reunion event. Hold a spa team meeting to brainstorm and create your reactivation campaign! This will benefit everyone on your team.

Discuss the 3 Rs with your team. Come up with a plan, implement it and increase your capacity!


Learn how to ask for referrals, market yourself, cross-promote and more by grabbing a copy of Personal Transformation.

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