Six Steps To Designing Your Success For Medical Spa/Spa

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Design Your Medical Spa Success

No matter your current status you can always improve your business. In this episode of Dori Talks, I will be sharing success strategies for your medical aesthetic practices and or spas that you can easily implement and begin seeing a new level of success.

The Mastermind Meeting we hosted was themed on how to Design Your Success! The fact is: you hold the power of how successful you can be. Your success starts with you! With your vision, your burning desire, and a plan to make your vision a reality. I encourage you to apply the 6 Design Your Success Strategies and reach a whole new level of success!

6 Easy to Implement Strategies for Your Medspa/Spa

  1. Plan:

    People don’t plan to fail; they fail to plan. Planning is a key factor to any business’s success.

    You must have a strategic plan for marketing, sales, operations, and financial health. Create an annual marketing plan and calendar to help you focus on lead generation and sales conversion.

    Medi Spa Marketing Plan Manual

    Most people think marketing is advertising or that it is costly, but that’s not true. There are many economical marketing strategies you can implement to market your medical spa and lead consumers to you and maximize your revenue!

    In the Marketing For Success plan, we teach over 50 Economical and Easy to Implement Marketing Strategies for your medspa and or spa. InSPAration Management Members have access to this plan in Med Spa Biz University. The opportunities are endless! You just need to plan, then implement your plan.

    Designing your success must also include a sales plan and a sales model. This is where most fall short. If you are looking for ways to boost your treatment revenue and retail sales in your medical spa, check out two systems we teach – the S.A.C.R.E.D. System ideal for anyone who wants to maximize revenue from the guest consultation and the P.R.I.D.E. System to help your team NOT Sell, But RECOMMEND!

    Being successful, means you have a healthy business. Your medspa financial plan must include a great compensation model based on performance and well-defined revenue streams.

    Guest Consultation & The P.R.I.D.E. System

    During the Mastermind Meeting, Denise Dubois, founder of Complexions in N.Y., joined us and shared essential business strategies that help her succeed. A key point she made is the fact that she is always monitoring her team’s performance, her P&L statements, and constantly striving to do better!

    Your financial plan must include an annual forecast and budget to help you set your medspa goals and manage your business. Designing and planning help you create a blueprint for success!

  2. Change:

    Don’t be afraid of change; welcome it instead.

    Sure, it’s difficult and uncomfortable, but it is needed if you want to gain new results or take a new direction. New results require new action. Assess your current business and discover what needs to change. Assess your menu, your guest experience, your systems, your overall operation, marketing, and sales efforts. Note what requires improvement and change. To change means to leave the comfort zone. A great book about change is “Who Moved My Cheese”. Read it and share it with your team to encourage them to learn and grow, go with the flow, and be flexible.

    The most difficult thing to change is transforming negative attitudes into positive ones. If you have negative people on your team, now is the time to shift their mindset to positive or invite them to leave. Negativity will drag you down so deep it will drown you and your business. Negativity is something you can’t afford.

    Launch “a catch me doing something right” team contest. Begin focusing on what your team is doing right and recognize it. You will see how quickly positivity will flow in your medical spa and spa! Promote a positive culture and see your performance soar.

  3. Educate:

    Learning is a never-ending process!

    As Stephen Covey said in the “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, you have to continually “Sharpen the Saw”! The minute you stop learning, you cripple business growth. Your education should include two aspects of business: 1. Clinical Knowledge, techniques, skills, and 2. Business Strategies.

    Don't Sell, Recommend! Manual & Webinar

    During the Mastermind meeting, Mastermind Member Dr. Lisa Vuich founder of Renew Medispa Training Institute and Medispa in New Hampshire, shared with everyone the importance of both. She is dedicating some of her time to helping medical aesthetic injectors like you advance and master their clinical skills. She is offering one on one hands-on training to enhance skills in PDO threads, injectables, sexual health, and more… to learn more, go to

    The other education you need is medspa and spa business-specific education, which is InSPAration Management’s specialty. We encourage you to attend seminars, webinars, read books to help you stay focused and reach a higher level of success! Remember, “The more you learn, the more you will earn”! Need help? We invite you to reserve a Success Planning Session.

  4. Persistence:

    Never, never give up. Remember that persistence paralyzes resistance! Keep trying.

    Keep encouraging the team until you reach your desired results. Life is full of speed bumps, but you can’t let them stop you from moving forward. Keep your goals in front of you at all times. Focusing on your goals will help you be strong and persistent.

    During the Mastermind Meeting, long-time members Briana Kane and Lynda Lazzaro from Aestique Medspa in PA spoke to the importance of persistence. Their team went through a major restructuring and relaunching, and that is never easy. They could have quit and given up, but they persisted and they’ve succeeded. They now have a great high performing team. They have approximately 400 members who are paying them between $250 and $500 per month, and they continue to learn, change and persist. If they can do it, so can you!

  5. Innovate:

    Keep reinventing yourself and your business.

    “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” (A. Einstein). Don’t get stuck in the same old rut. Innovation gives you a competitive edge, allowing you to keep your offering fresh. Your role as a leader is to stay up to date with the latest trends, technology, and products in order to fulfill consumer demands and exceed their expectations.

    Innovation also helps you differentiate your medical spa from the competition and improve your positioning so you can raise your prices and get paid your true worth.

  6. Recipes for Success Medspa Team Business Training


    When you are a great leader, others will follow.

    As a leader, you must have a clear vision of what you want your medspa and spa business to be. Always lead by example, be positive, be driven, and be passionate about your mission. Being a great leader also is to be a mentor, a teacher, a trainer to help develop your team’s skills.
    Tap into the Recipes for Success Medspa Team Business Training and use these modules to help you lead and develop your team!

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