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Six Treatment Menu Principles To Help Consumers Choose YOU!

Like any medical spa and or spa, the treatments and products you offer are there due to your decisions. You decided whether to offer weight loss, injectables, IV therapy, hormone replacement, body contour, facials, massages, and so on… You also made a decision to place your treatment menu on your website and in a brochure to inform consumers of what you offer.

The consumers are deciding whether or not they want to experience these treatments from you, based on how you describe the treatments, how you present them, your image, style, your words, your message, and the proof of the results they produce.

Your medical aesthetic treatment menu is a key marketing and sales tool. It must entice consumers and expedite the decision-making process. Your menu can also differentiate your business from the competition. It allows you to feature and describe your treatments. You can share a client’s results, thus proving your treatments are effective and enticing. Your menu must help consumers make a decision that “you are the only choice” to reserve treatments and purchase your products.

Developing a Menu Insparation management
Is your treatment menu positioning you as “the only choice”? Or are consumers finding you, looking, and then making the decision to leaving instead of reserve?

I have worked with medical spas and spas for over two decades, and I have visited many locations around the world and collected hundreds of menus. As you can imagine, the variety of menus is vast in shapes, colors, styles, images, content, and effectiveness. I have seen all sorts of menus: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Before we get into the principles, let’s first determine what makes people decide to purchase things.

Many studies have been conducted to determine key decision-making factors regarding the buying process.

  1. Will this purchase solve my problem or concern?
  2. Will it help me gain the desired results?
  3. Do I like and trust this company, the team?
  4. Am I receiving good value?
  5. Will they deliver on the promise?

You can help consumers make decisions by the way you describe your company, your treatments, and how you present your treatment options. Remember, there is no shortage of anything in this world. There is a medical spa on every corner. How you position your menu and feature your skills and expertise makes a big difference between succeeding and failing.

Apply the following six principles to improve your menu and compel consumers to purchase and repurchase from you.

Six Treatment Menu Principles to Help You be the Consumer's Only Choice

  1. Copywriting:

    Keep in mind that copywriting is an art. Your treatment descriptions must stimulate the senses, and emotions highlighting the RESULTS the guests will gain from your treatments. The word "Our": I find the word "OUR" in many menus. Using the word "our" detaches the consumer. It's not about "OUR," it's all about the guests; it's about them. The word should be replaced with "YOUR" or "YOU," not "our" this and that. Your copy should be talking to one person: your consumer. Go through your menu and your website and count how many "ours" there are. Replace them with "Your" or "You" or rephrase the sentence to focus on the consumers. Here are some other words you should replace: "Book your service" should be replaced with "reserve your experience." Instead of "cancelling policy," you should say, "rescheduling guidelines." Many words in your menu may not be helping you that should be rewritten. Many menus describe treatments by focusing on the features of the laser, the brand of the laser, and the technical aspect instead of the benefits the consumer will gain. When describing the treatments, keep in mind that the consumer is looking for solutions and results. The more you focus on the benefits, the better off you will be. These are just some of the pet peeves that I see often. I encourage you to assess your copy and make necessary changes to make it more engaging and enticing, so consumers to choose what you offer.
  2. Medical Spa Treatment Menu Structure:

    No matter what design or style you choose, whether tri-fold, gatefold, booklet, rectangle, square, etc., keep the following structure in mind. First Page: I often see the policy on the first inside page of the menu. BIG mistake! The first page should have your welcome, a short paragraph about your medspa/spa, and an invitation to visit. Font Size: Consumers need to be able to read the menu. Don't choose a font so small that it's difficult to read. Custom Images: You know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." I often don't see any images on a menu, and when I see one, it's normally an empty room as if you are selling furniture or real estate. No people are featured within the pictures. Remember, you must connect with consumers on an emotional level. Do a photoshoot in your facility with models and use your own pictures instead of stock images. This will give you a major differentiation point and set you apart. Your Offer and Call-To-Action: This is another big mistake I see: No offer or call-to-action. Make a first visit offer on the back cover. Giving a first visit gift card, which can be applied toward their first treatment, is a great offer to have on your menu. It will help you generate new clients and increase your capacity. Make the call-to-action go to a landing page to help them opt-in and receive their gift card. Pricing: Most menus place the prices first and then the name and the description of the treatment. The description should be first and the price after the description. You have to sell them on the treatment first, and then tell them the price. If you have a booklet menu with several pages, it's best not to include prices in it. The prices can be on an insert card. That way, if you change your prices, you won't have to replace the entire menu. Medical Aesthetics Menu Design Mockup Insparation Management
  3. Professional Image:

    You'll be surprised how often I ask for a menu, and they tell me they are out of them, and then they hand me a copy of a copy that looks horrible. That damages your professional image. Your menu should represent your brand as the only choice! Once you decide on a color pallet for your brand, stick to it. You can't have your website be one color, your menu another, your interior another, your business card another, and so on... Present a great image and style, and have one unified brand so consumers will recognize it and relate to it. It's not only the colors that matter. Your fonts, your images, style, the words you use, and your message all matter and help consumers decide if you are the one or not. Choosing a theme will also help you differentiate. Let's face it, most spas and medical spas offer the same treatments. You can differentiate by giving your treatments unique names instead of what everyone else calls them. The theme can be carried out throughout all your marketing material and your facility to help you be unique. For example, instead of a treatment being called "Botox," you can call it "Youth Recovery." Have a hook, "Want to look younger?" The solution: Experience Botox and Fillers... Always present a professional image to help consumers choose you!
  4. Medical Spa Menu Distribution:

    Medical Aesthetics Menu Designed by Insparation Management Many places invest in printing their menu but do not maximize on the infinite op­por­tu­ni­ties they have. Build Business-2-Business relations that will lead to both of you benefiting. There are many menu distribution channels you can practice. Depending on the type of business you have, you can partner up with high-end hair salons, event planners, bridal shops, hotels, fitness centers, media outlets, and so on. Establishing these relations will be a win-win for everyone! Once you establish the relationships, make sure your guest relation team reaches out and ensures the menus are being replenished often.
  5. Measuring Your Menu's Performance:

    Measuring your menu's effectiveness is crucial to your success. If you notice that some treatments are not being requested and are not generating revenue, assess and see why. Is it the way they are described, or does the team not like to promote them? Do they not feel comfortable doing those treatments? Identify the block. Run the following reports to discover the effectiveness of your treatment menu:
    • Best-selling treatments
    • Least demanding treatments
    • Most popular price point
    • Least popular price point
    • Frequency of treatment demand
    It's wise to assess your menu at least once per year and adjust accordingly. When you are considering making menu changes, gather a focus group of your loyal clientele who represent the majority of your target market and share with them what you are planning to change. If possible, have them experience the treatments, discuss price points, and make your decision after you interview them.
  6. Recipes for Success Medspa Team Business Training

    Team Training:

    Once you have selected the treatments you want to offer on your menu, it's time to train the team. Train all providers and the guest relations team. The providers must have detailed knowledge about each treatment, its benefits, the protocols, and how to perform the treatments with some touchpoints to differentiate and increase client satisfaction. They must be experts at performing the treatments. The guest relations team must have general knowledge of the treatments, what they address, who are they ideal for, and be able to sell them on the phone, to walk-ins, and any consumer who is inquiring about them. Everyone on the team must be able to describe the treatments in a positive manner, enticing the clients to experience them if they are a good fit for that particular treatment. As you can see, your menu is a very important marketing and sales tool. Do not cut corners when planning and creating your spa or medical spa menu. Don't copy the competition; see what they are doing and differentiate so consumers can easily see that you are the only choice. Do you need help creating your menu? Reach out to InSPAration Management.
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